Legend of the Crystal Skull is the seventeenth game in the Nancy Drew adventure series. It is based on Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #81: The Mardi Gras Mystery. In this game, Nancy hunts for a fabled crystal skull in New Orleans.

The player can assume the roles of Nancy and Bess Marvin throughout the game.


The search is on for an unearthly artifact in New Orleans!

You, as Nancy Drew, and one of your best friends, Bess Marvin, travel to New Orleans, Louisiana for a nice vacation. As a favor, you stop in to check on your boyfriend's friend, Henry Bolet Jr. Henry's last living family member, his great-uncle Bruno, just recently died and left him responsible for settling the estate. As soon as you arrive though, you are knocked out by someone wearing a skeleton costume, and you soon discover that Bruno Bolet was the proud owner of the "Whisperer," a crystal skull rumored to protect its holder from almost any cause of death - except murder. When Bruno passed away, the skull was not found among the clutter of the creepy Bolet manor. Now you'll need to team up with Bess in order to find this mystical artifact and before it falls into the wrong hands!

  • Outwit Bruno's pet iguana, alligator and spider
  • Navigate the mansion by candlelight


Henry Bolet Jr.

Henry is Bruno's great nephew. His parents died when he was very young and Bruno became his guardian, but he spent most of his life in various schools and camps. Although he inherited all of Bruno's estate, he had very little affection for him, and so he's somewhat ambivalent about the situation.

Renee Amande

Renee was Bruno's housekeeper. A superstitious person, she believes in hoodoo and spends much time working with her plants in the backyard of the house.

Lamont Warrick

Lamont runs the curio shop Zeke's. He's friendly and helpful, and a little goofy too.

Gilbert Buford

Dr. Buford was a good friend of Bruno's. He pronounced Bruno dead at his home and said that no autopsy was necessary.

Phone Friends

Nancy and Bess use cell phones that can be accessed by icons at the bottom of the screen.

Ned Nickerson

Ned is Nancy's boyfriend. She can call him and he'll give her advice if she's a Junior Detective.

Bess Marvin

Nancy can call Bess to play as her, and Bess can then call Nancy to play as her again.




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