Lillian Weiss is the director of Light of Our Love in New York City. She is a very angry person, but dated Rick Arlen at one point, only to break up with him by dumping a pitcher of water on his head, which Bess said was in an article in a famous gossip magazine "Chatter Magazine".

Stay Tuned for Danger

In 1999, Lillian meets Nancy, who is investigating a series of threats against the show's star, Rick Arlen. Eventually, Nancy finds out that Lillian sent him poisoned chocolates as revenge for Rick dumping her. After confronting her about this, Lillian fires Nancy, but calls her later, asking her to come to the studio. Nancy does and learns that Lillian has been conducting her own investigation and that she just received her own threatening letter. Then, Dwayne Powers, Rick's former agent, reveals that he was behind the other threats, planning to kill both women. However, the security guard, Ralph, stops him. Lillian then moves out to California to direct movies.

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