Linda Gabriella Penvellyn (nee Petrov) is the daughter of Nancy's neighbor in River Heights.

Curse of Blackmoor Manor

In 2004, Linda marries Hugh Penvellyn and goes to live with him in Blackmoor Manor. However, she soon became sick and irritable, causing her mother to send Nancy over to investigate. By the time Nancy gets there, Linda refuses to be seen and hides behind her bed curtain. She is moody and snappish, often refusing to speak further if Nancy presses too hard.

As Nancy's investigation continues, she learns that Linda found a curse in a secret passageway near her room that declared she would turn into a beast. Although unnerved, Linda didn't think too much of it until she found a paper in her room with the exact same curse written on it. As she went directly to her room after exploring the secret passageway, she believes no one could have entered her room before she did. When Nancy enters the passageway and finds a peephole into Linda's room, she sees that her arm is covered in thick, dark hair. Linda also has a new-found preference for very rare meat and constantly finds herself very thirsty and very hungry. In fact, Linda worries Mrs. Drake (Hugh's aunt) so much, the older woman hangs a charm meant to give protection and good luck on Linda's bedroom door.

Nancy eventually discovers that Hugh's twelve-year-old daughter Jane had made Linda read a book to her about werewolves to put the idea of turning into a beast in Linda's head, infused hair medicine in Linda's moisturizer, and gave her Mrs. Drake's allergy pills to make her tired in order to scare her away from Blackmoor Manor so that she could try to get her father back with her birth mother. After the three of them have a good long talk, they vow to be a good family going forward.


  • "There are some doors that should never be opened. There are some doors that hold secrets which must never be known."
  • "Oh, forget it! Stay in Italy as long as you want then! Some kind of husband you're proving to be! ...It is not all in my head! ...Don't bother." -On the phone with Hugh.


Linda and Hugh
Pictures of Linda

A picture of Linda with Hugh on the left and a picture with Renee and Hugh on the right

Jane Linda and Mrs. Drake

Linda with Jane and Mrs. Drake.

Linda's Arm

Linda's Arm.

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