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Angelino Kareem "Lino" Swift is a character in The CW's television series Tom Swift portrayed by Donovin Miller. He is an aspiring athlete and the adoptive brother of Tom Swift.




Lino is the biological nephew of Violet Warren, who began to experience strange hallucinations when Lino was three. She disappeared for two-weeks so her sister Lorraine visited Violet's house to find a three-year-old Lino alone, malnourished, and unsupervised. Lino was adopted by the Swift family and became the adoptive brother of Tom Swift.

Plot summary

On the eve of Barton's launch to Saturn, Lino tests out new sneakers designed by Tom to help him achieve the perfect jump shot. He greets Zenzi Fullerton who returns from Atlanta for the event. Six months later, Barton seemingly dies when his ship explodes with him inside. The Swift family mourns the loss while Tom struggles to accept that the death might be his fault. Through his investigative means, Tom uncovers the truth - someone used a satellite to target the spaceship to purposefully murder Barton.

Tom recruits Lino, his bodyguard and Lino's stand-in trainer Isaac Vega, and Zenzi to help him steal the program needed to access the satellite data. Lino mans the security footage while the others venture into the university that houses the program. In the coming days, Tom learns that Nathan Eskol may have been involved through the Illuminati-scale group The Road Back. He makes Lino shoes that make him jump even higher, than learns that Barton survived the explosion by escaping into a pod. Barton's message containing everything needed to find him broke apart upon entry into the atmosphere. Lino stays behind with Lorraine to monitor the home front, while Tom, Zenzi, and Isaac locate the fractured pieces.[2]

The trio returns in time for Lino's final fencing invitational, where he breaks the record for no touches. Zenzi, Isaac, and Lorraine cheer Lino on, while Tom is distracted by a crisis concerning Barclay. Tom recruits Lino into his plan to save Barclay at the annual Swift Enterprises Summit, tasking his adoptive brother with repairing a pen light. He remarks on Lino's impeccable fine motor skills, unaware that the boy is developing strange heightened abilities. He confides in Isaac that he can see the electricity in people's bodies and predict what they're about to do. Aunt Lorraine talked about it before as it happened to his mother when he was three, before she left him and went crazy. He wishes he had answers or could talk to his mom.[3]


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Lino Swift appears in the following episodes:

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  1. Lino is presented in cotillion for the first time, an event the occurs for boys age 15-18.
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