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This is a List of all the Places in the Main Nancy Drew Adventure Series and Dossier Series.

Adventure Series

Secrets Can Kill - Florida

Stay Tuned for Danger - New York City

Message in a Haunted Mansion - San Francisco, CA

Treasure in a Royal Tower - Wisconsin

  • Wickford Castle
    • Nancy's Room
    • The Library
    • Ski Rental
    • Sitting Room
    • Hotchkiss' Room
    • Garden
    • The Tool Shed
    • The Tower

The Final Scene - St. Louis, MO

Secret of the Scarlet Hand - Washington D.C.

Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake - Pennsylvania

The Haunted Carousel - New Jersey

Danger on Deception Island - Coast of Washington State

The Secret of Shadow Ranch - Arizona

Curse of Blackmoor Manor - London, England

The Secret of the Old Clock

Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

Danger by Design - Paris, France

The Creature of Kapu Cave - Hawaii

The White Wolf of Icicle Creek - Alberta, Canada

Legend of the Crystal Skull - New Orleans

The Phantom of Venice - Venice, Italy

The Haunting of Castle Malloy - Ireland

Ransom of the Seven Ships - Bahamas

Warnings at Waverly Academy - New York

Trail of the Twister - Oklahoma

Secrets Can Kill Remastered - Florida

Shadow at the Water's Edge - Japan

The Captive Curse - Germany

  • Castle Finster
    • Nancy's Room
    • The Dungeon
    • The Glass Blowing Shop
    • The Gift Shop
    • The Dining Hall
    • The Security Office
  • The Woods

Alibi in Ashes - River Heights

  • Nancy's House
  • The Police Station
  • Scoop
  • Town Hall
  • The Antique Shop

Tomb of the Lost Queen - Egypt

The Deadly Device - Colorado

Ghost of Thornton Hall - Georgia

The Silent Spy - Scotland

The Shattered Medallion - New Zealand

Labyrinth of Lies - Greece

Sea of Darkness - Iceland

Midnight in Salem - Salem, MA

  • Austria
    • Moosham Castle
      • Judge Sewall's Room
    • The Woods
  • Salem, Massachusetts
    • Parry House
      • Guest Room
      • Living Room
      • Kitchen
    • Courthouse
      • Judge Danforth's Office
      • Alicia Cole's Office
    • Luminous Infusions
    • Town Square
    • Graveyard
      • Underground Passages
    • Salem Museum
      • Olivia Ravencroft's Store
    • Hathorne Hous
      • Carriage House

Dossier Series

Lights, Camera, Curses! - Hollywood

Resorting to Danger! - California