A list of recurring characters that appear in each of the various Nancy Drew series.

Main characters

Recurring characters

  • The Diaries series is left out, as no recurring characters have been introduced yet.
Stratemeyer Era
Mega-books Era
21st Century











Girl Detective


Clue Crew/

Clue Book[2]


Helen Corning
Chief McGinnis
Eloise Drew
Burt Eddleton
Dave Evans
Officer Brody
Brenda Carlton
Officer Ryan
Deirdre Shannon
Harold Safer
Luther Eldridge
Mrs. Mahoney
Evelyn Waters

References and Notes

  1. Series under this umbrella include: The Nancy Drew Files (1986-97, 124 volumes); Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew SuperMystery (1988-98, 36 volumes); and Nancy Drew on Campus (1995-98; 25 volumes)
  2. Series under this umbrella include: Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew (2006-15, 40 volumes); and The Nancy Drew Clue Book (2015-present, 9 volumes as of July 2018)
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