Logan Mitchell is a young man who worked as Savannah Woodham's assistant.


Logan is Savannah Woodham's assistant. Savannah calls him her "Lil' Georgia Bulldog".

Logan states that he started working for Savannah a few years back as a fill-in gig during spring break, but the job was just too weird to quit.

Shadow at the Water's Edge

At first, when Nancy tries to call Savannah, he hangs up on her, but Bess and George distract him so that she can talk to her. Later, when Nancy wants a copy of Savannah's book, Bess goes on a date with Logan to get it.

Ghost of Thornton Hall

Between Shadow at the Water's Edge and Ghost of Thornton Hall, Logan became irritated about the lack of Savannah's progress on her next book. He gave her an ultimatum, and was "fired".

The Silent Spy

When Nancy is reading the Cathedral archives, she discovers that informant "L.M." has said that in Kyoto, Nancy is disturbing "family S." and is driven to "solve the case" of the mother's death, and that the psychology present here is clear.


  • "I'm so glad you called! It's been like, three days since I've gotten to hang up on anyone. I wonder if I'm still good at it."
  • "Bookstores are a great start. Or the internet is helpful, but I'm really more of a brick and mortar person, honestly. I suppose you could also go the books on tape route- TV's Ralston Popplers does an excellent job with the text... really makes it come alive."
  • "I have no clue what to do in a clothing store. I sort of just freeze at the sight of hangers. I think it's genetic."
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