Lori Girard is a wealthy socialite that strives for fame. However, she instead receives frequent negative publicity and tabloid attention due to her various publicity stunts that backfire on her.


Lori set up a publicity stunt that involved her being "kidnapped" out of her Las Vegas hotel room by her ex-boyfriend, recorded by the person across the hall.

Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

In 2005, Lori restores Hurley's Comet, a train found in a warehouse outside St. Louis after her dad bought out NorAm Shipping. She decided to use the train to throw a party and find out what happened to Jake Hurley, the train's original owner, and invites the Hardy Boys (who invite Nancy), John Grey, Charleena Purcell and Tino Balducci (who she once dated). The train goes from Chicago to Copper Gorge, Colorado, where Jake's wife is buried.

Lori finds Jake's diary in which he mentions getting a letter from Abraham Lincoln and decides she wants that more than the supposed mine he found. She arranges for the lights to go off when she is introducing herself and flees to the caboose. When Nancy finds her, Lori gives her the letter she found with all the clues to the location of Jake's mine, hoping Nancy can lead the group there.

When Nancy does find the mine, Lori traps her in it, hoping to create a story about how she tried to save Nancy from a cave-in, but could only save herself, in order to generate some positive publicity. Nancy escapes and Lori's father cancels all her credit cards, creating negative press instead.

Lori is also a fan of Charleena Purcell, and got into an argument with her on the train when she realized that she Charleena used some ideas she had submitted to her in her latest book without crediting her.

The White Wolf of Icicle Creek

Lori was casually mentioned when Nancy was complaining about working with Tino in the game. However, it is still unknown if Lori and Tino are still together.


  • On the Resorting to Danger! website, Lori wrote about her stay at the Redondo.
  • Lori may be a parody of real-life socialite Paris Hilton.
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