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Lorraine Swift is a character in Tom Swift portrayed by April Parker Jones. Lorraine is Tom's mother. She's "debutante royalty with a kind heart. Her relationship with Tom is close and loving until the aftermath of his father’s disappearance begins to drive a wedge between them."[1]


Lorraine is a classy woman who wears wealthy designer clothing at all times. She has short black hair and almond-shaped brown eyes. She is a powerful woman whose stature and rank is displayed through her stance and outfits.



Lorraine married into the Swift family through Barton Swift and they got pregnant with their first child, a girl. At six months pregnant, Lorraine began to suffer horrible pain and went into an early labor. Barton was away at a conference so Lorraine had to call 911 herself. Her doctor dismissed and ignored her gestational diabetes symptoms, which caused her child, Alexandra, to die from hypoxia. Lorraine held her daughter for a few moments after her stillbirth. It was then that Barton and Lorraine had an idea to create a world of their own, one not tainted by white supremacy, on an entirely different planet.

They worked with the Tubman Group, which had a secret society within the larger group, to gather the resources needed to achieve the Mountaintop. A few years later, Lorraine and Barton had a son together, Tom. A few years later, Lorraine's sister Violet Warren began to exhibit signs of mental illness once again, after years of being stable. She had a three-year-old son named Lino. Violet disappeared for two-weeks, so CPS called Lorraine who rushed to Violet's house. She found a three-year-old Lino alone, abused, malnourished, and unsupervised. She and Barton decided to adopt the boy as their son.

Plot summary

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Lorraine prepares for her husbands launch to Saturn. She greets Zenzi Fullerton upon her arrival to the Swift mansion. Six months later, the company plans to make contact with Barton's ship. At the press conference, Lorraine tries to set Tom up with Justin Chase, dropping a not-so-subtle hint about their names sounding nice together. Things go awry when Barton's ship explodes during the live feed. Now grieving the loss of her husband, Lorraine leans on Tom for support. She speaks with Reverend Jones who isn't sure Tom is ready for the Tubman social group's requirements. They need leaders for The Mountaintop, noting Tom's absence from the event. That night, Tom and Lorraine have tea and talk about Justin before Tom apologizes for the speech, though she understands. She knows he'll do better at the dedication for Barton's memorial. Tom misses the dedication and Lorraine shares her disappointment; she's happy Barton doesn't see Tom's trifling behavior. It was a mistake to protect Tom out of hopes he would grow up. It's up to her to pick up where Barton left off.[2]

Lorraine grows closer to Claire Cormier, the interim CEO of Swift Enterprises as named by Barton before his departure. Tom asks Lorraine to arrange a dinner party between them and the Darby family, which puts strain on her emotional strength but she pushes on. Tom misbehaves at the dinner, earning himself a harsh lecture from Lorraine about not being able to help himself. She's too tired to talk with him about the Tubman responsibilities. Rowan arrives to give Lorraine an invite from Congressman Eskol. The next day, Claire and Lorraine talk business. She wants Lorraine's support in becoming the permanent CEO of Swift Enterprises, which makes Lorraine cry. She knows Tom isn't ready but she can't take the inheritance away from him as it would break his heart. Claire offers her something to help her with insomnia. She applies it to Lorraine's bottom lip, though Lorraine begins to act disoriented. Lorraine comes compliant with her whims. She almost shares her ATM pin until Claire stops her. She asks what it will take for Claire to take over Swift Enterprises. Lorraine admits nothing will; Claire's just a caretaker. Barton would never leave his black family legacy to a non-black person.[3]

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Lorraine prepares Tom for Swift Enterprises Annual Summit, assigning him and Claire as co-hosts. Tom needs to take the reins which will require all of his attention. The explosion of Barton's ship puts them in a financial crisis. Their biggest investor, Susannah Robb, is attending the summit. Lorraine wants Tom to finish Barton's penlight design that can manipulate UV light to make cheap champagne taste expensive. She spends the summit watching Tom and interacting with their investors. When Susannah decides not to renew her investment in SE, Lorraine expresses her disappointment to Tom along with her distrust. She admits to thinking he's glad that Barton is gone. Tom isn't happy his father is gone and nearly tells her the truth before recalling Rowan's warning. He instead expresses the guilt he feels over modifying the ship that he watched explode. He breaks down in Lorraine's arms.

That night, Isaac tries to ask Lorraine about Lino's mother but is shut down. He calls a man to ask for help in finding someone. Claire later visits Lorraine so they discuss Tom and his grief clouding his judgment. She's losing faith that he can control the company in his current state. Claire offers the sleep gel again and applies it to Lorraine's lips. She then uses its manipulative properties to make Lorraine sign an Employee Supervision Agreement. It gives Claire discretionary approval over all of Tom's SE requests.[4]

Lorraine revokes Tom's access to the Swift Enterprises jet, citing a lack of trust in her son. Claire also shares this lack of trust, and they both believe Tom's been reckless with finances while the company is in crisis. Lorraine suspends Tom from his position at Swift Enterprises. He requests an entry-level position to earn back his title, so the women agree to let him try.

The next day, Lorraine prepares for the cotillion with Reverend Jones - it's her first without Barton in 25 years. Tom offers to come with but she's skeptical to trust him as he's been dashing off every time she needs him. He knows he's been distracted lately but promises to be there for her all night. Later in the ay, Lorraine and Lino fit his tux and he asks if Violet can come but she refuses. She then gives Isaac a tux since he's a member of the family now and should look the part.

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At the cotillion, Lorraine talks with a man who gushes over his wealth, so Tom suggests he donates three million to charity. The man concedes that he's not that rich - a tactic Tom learned from Barton. Unbeknownst to Lorraine, Tom leaves the party to break into Claire's CEO vault, but leaves Isaac at the party wearing a device that make him look and sound like Tom. Isaac arrives at the cotillion and greets Lorraine. She apologizes for being hard on him. She loves him and has every faith he'll reach his highest potential. She'll always be in his corner and would never love him any less. He begins to cry which gets the Insta-Tom wet, so he quickly excuses himself.

Tom returns just in time for the mother-son dance. Lino presents his deb, but Violet Warren presents him. During the waltz, Violet begins to break down over the number of people and hears whispers. She breaks down as she clutches Lino tightly and then charges at Lorraine. Isaac restrains her as she shouts over keeping the light safe and someone trying to torture her. Tom, taking inspiration from Lino's words about imagining a garden, puts an AR monocle on Violet that transmits a peaceful virtual garden. He comforts her while Lorraine asks Lino how Violet got there. Isaac apologizes to Lorraine for intervening. She tells him how she got custody of Lino - CPS called as no one had seen the pair for weeks. She found Lino alone, living off peanut butter, covered with bruises, burns, and severely malnourished. She raised him and his mother. Isaac is meant to protect them but he brought harm to them tonight. She fires Isaac effective immediately.

Lorraine and Tom watch from the balcony as Violet is taken away by paramedics. She explains that Violet had been diagnosed with schizophrenia in high school, but refused treatment. Lorraine donated a wing to a facility to keep a bed open for her. She tried to protect Lino by keeping them apart. Tom was wonderful as his invention and brilliance saved the day. She was harsh with the suspension, but he acknowledges he's been careless with his actions. She's proud of his maturity and reinstates his job title as they need him. He asks to promote Quinn to R&D, and she agrees. Tom then insists that Lorraine accompany him for another entrance moment.[5]

Tom is kidnapped and his captors force him to partake in "courses" that challenge his intellect, integrity, and morals. Zenzi, Isaac, and Rowan save Tom, who insists on saving a woman who his captors leveraged to keep him in line. She's losing oxygen and needs their help. While trying to save her, they force Tom to choose who gets oxygen - the woman or his friends. He chooses the woman, but saves his friends using an impromptu invention. They are all kidnapped once again, but this time, Tom wakes up in Swift Manor with his captor Garret in front of him.

Garret explains that after Tulsa, they tried to protect themselves. From Garvey and his pan-Africanists to the Leaders of the Black Freedom Movement, the SCLC, SNCC, to the Panthers, they tried. In doing so, they went through trials of their own. They picked themselves up and built something new. They weren't as public as others, but they funded movements, mutual aid, bail, and scholarships. Tom walks through a hallway of projected images of Black protests and movements throughout history. Garrett continues; they learned hard lessons but everything they did led to Tom. Tom looks to Garret who, according to the Prying Eyes, is dead. Garrett assures him that they are getting his friend’s help. Garrett flickers electronically to reveal Lorraine, who needs his help right now.

Lorraine is pleased with Tom and his squad. She assures him that his friends are getting medical attention as they speak. The company he keeps will matter now more than ever. Tom notes that she was testing his friends too. He knows the Tubman group for its cotillions, but there's a sub-group within it that is kept a secret. Since Tulsa, a select group of Black Americans, including Tom’s grandfather, worked to amass concentrated and undetected wealth. They aimed to form a society untainted by white supremacy. They are thinking of a safe space in outer space - a planet of their own.

27 years ago, while Barton was at a conference, Lorraine was six months pregnant with Tom’s older sister, Alexandra, who triggered premature labor. She called 911 but was in so much pain. The recording plays and it's the same one Garrett played before - it was Lorraine all along. When she finally saw a doctor she trusted him completely - he was named Dr. Garrett. He dismissed her symptoms of gestational diabetes that should have been diagnosed; symptoms she told him about. Because he ignored her, Alexandra never opened her eyes and died of hypoxia - running out of air in a confined space. She didn’t know how many other Black women had similar stories about their doctors, or how this system hurts all of them. This is why Barton dreamt of a new home for Black people, called the Mountaintop Station. She wants Tom to build it with Swift Enterprises funding. Their timetable is accelerated as people are looking into them. The trial was to communicate Tubman's principles to see which candidates embodied them. The woman on the gurney is a member of the Tubman Group and is okay, while his friends were safely monitored, down to the laser intensity and diluted nitrogen. She wants to have a private talk with Isaac, but he can tell his other friends about Tubman Group now. He's reaching his full potential, but there can’t be secrets between them anymore. Tom reveals that his dad is alive and he needs her help to save him.[6]




  • In the Tom Swift novel series, each of the Tom mothers are named differently; "Anne", "Mary", and later, "Phyllis". This is the first adaptation to feature an original name for the character.


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