Dr. Malachi Herbert Craven is a scientist at the Hilihili Research Center on the Big Island of Hawaii. He is also well-known for maintaining a blog, and notorious for his temperamental and violent behavior.



Dr. Craven was born and raised in Sharpton County, Ohio, with at least one brother. He seemed to have a poor social life, but an outstanding academic career. Boasting a high IQ, he received a doctorate in horticulture from Cornell University, specializing in chemically-induced plant mutations.

Prior to coming to the Hilihili, Dr. Craven worked in private research for Worldwide Agro-Chem, Moby Tech, and ViveChem. He was also on faculty at Iowa College for two years, where he was disliked immensely by colleagues.

In 2003, Dr. Craven was thrown out of the World Conference of Bio technologies in Geneva for calling the co-presenters "hopelessly deluded morons". In December 2005, he wrote an article for Journal of Health and Horticulture, titled "How Peer Jealousy is Destroying Research Science".

The Creature of Kapu Cave

Nancy visits him looking for some photovoltaic cells and a microscope lens and even to sneak into private areas of the facility, even though he is extremely ill-tempered. His arrival and secretiveness at the Hilihili has created a local controversy, due to the failure of local pineapple crops.

He has developed an irritation to a plant he had hybridized and takes pills that make him drowsy to help with it.

Dr. Craven tears up Quigley Kim's camp in a fit of rage when he correctly assumes her to be spying on him.


Dr. Craven is a temperamental scientist, notorious for his short and nasty temper, and violent outbursts. He is also shown to have a big ego, only warming up to Nancy when she says she is a fan of his blog.

Despite his cruel outside, Craven adores his niece in Philadelphia. However, he is sad that he does not get to see her, due to him being estranged from her father (his brother).


  • Dr. Craven has a reputed IQ of 182.
  • Dr. Craven maintains a blog called I_M_A_G_nious.tec.
  • Refuses to work anywhere that is not at least 50% solar powered.
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