The Marvins are a rich and influential family in The CW 2019 television series Nancy Drew. Bess is a Marvin on her mother's side, and she takes her maiden name when she moved to Horseshoe Bay, Maine.


The matriarch of the family is Diana Marvin.


One of Horseshoe Bae oldest families and are consider one of the founding family as such. They had an rivalry with The Hudson family for years which increased further after Sebastian died on an Hudson ship that sank in retaliation for having an affair with The Hudson Matriarch.

Plot summary

Family members

  • Bess Marvin
  • Diana Marvin
  • Owen Marvin
  • Whitney Marvin
  • Isaac Marvin
  • Cassidy Marvin
  • Douglas Marvin †, Bess's great-great-great-grandfather
  • Sebastian Marvin †
  • Thaddeus Marvin, Owen's father
  • Regina Turani, Bess's mother


Isaac: Marvins don't rat.

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  • In the original book series they're related to The Fayne Family.
  • They have an Hall Of Tragedy where they put portraits of their fallen members onto the walls.


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