Maya Nguyen is an American-Vietnamese friend of Nancy Drew.


Nancy mentions that Maya attended high school with her, Bess, and George in River Heights. Maya currently attends Washington University in St. Louis and works as a reporter for the school's newspaper.

Maya in the theatre's old icebox.

The Final Scene

In 2001, Maya takes Nancy along to the Royal Palladium theater in St. Louis to interview Brady Armstrong, an actor in the premiere that will be the last screening at the theater before it is demolished. However, a few moments after Maya enters Brady's dressing room, Nancy hears her scream, calling out Nancy's name. When Nancy bursts in, Maya is gone without a trace. Nancy receives a threatening phone call soon after saying that "if the theater goes down, the girl goes with it".

Nancy spends the game frantically searching for her. Eventually she -or rather, Brady Armstrong- finds Maya's press pass, which Maya would never willingly leave behind. The next day, someone sends a wreath of flowers with a note attached: "Deepest Sympathy. Planning a funeral is such a dreadful pain... Wouldn't you rather just stop the demolition?"

In addition to the wreath, missing posters have popped up around the theater, offering signed posters of Brady Armstrong in exchange for information. Nancy rightly believes that Brady's agent, Simone Mueller, created the posters to divert attention to her star rather than to Maya's kidnapping. Simone thinks the tragedy is a wonderful opportunity for Brady to become a knight in shining armor to Maya's rescue.

Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

While talking on the phone with Eustacia and Vivian, Nancy mentions that her friend was kidnapped in St. Louis.


  • Maya is 5' 5'', 127 lbs, and has a birthmark on her right ankle.
  • Maya lives at 717 Duncan Ave. St. Louis, MO 63110.
  • Maya's parents often travel to Vietnam.
  • Maya may have stayed at the Ryokan Hiei in room #5.
  • A picture of Maya can be seen in Nancy's desk in Alibi in Ashes.
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