A gangster named Mickey Malone built it back in the 20s as his country getaway (we're talking major fixer-upper).
Nancy Drew writing about the cabin to Ned Nickerson

Mickey Malone's Cabin sits at the edge of Moon Lake in Pennsylvania.


The land that the cabin sits on was formerly known locally as the "Retzke Farm". In the mid-1800's, it was known a stop on the Underground Railroad. By the 1920's, the farm was gone.

Mickey Malone bought 10 acres of land from the Retzke Farm in June 1924. Construction on the property began in October, with security guarding the property at all hours, and all workmen sworn to silence. As apart of this project, Malone also built a private cemetery. One of the stones had tunnels that led to his speakeasy. In 1931, Malone hid the Hole-in-the-Floor gold at the property.

In the early morning of January 29, 1932, the property was raided by federal agents, who brought Malone to Philadelphia on the charge of tax evasion. Following Malone's death in 1941, the cabin changed hands several times, with several owners being chased off the property due to rumors the cabin was haunted by the dogs of Malone. The final owners vacated the property in the late 1980s.

In 2002, Sally McDonald bought the house, and moved in on April 19. Within a month, she too was scared away by the ghost dogs. She invited her friend Nancy Drew to investigate the incidents. Nancy discovered the source of the "hauntings", as well as recover the gold, and Sally was allowed to live there in peace.


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