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Midnight in Salem is the thirty-third game in the Nancy Drew adventure series, and the first game in the "revival era." Based on the novel The Witch Tree Symbol, it sees Nancy trying to clear the name of Deirdre Shannon's cousin in an arson case in Salem, Massachusetts.

Originally announced in May 2015 at the end of Sea of Darkness, the game was initially set to be released in Fall 2015. However, in August 2015, Her Interactive announced the game would be delayed to revamp the series under the Unity engine. After numerous delays, the game was finally released on December 3, 2019.[1]

The game recieved mixed reviews, with most of the criticism going to the graphics, glitches, plot holes, and other errors in the game.[2] Fans have panned the game as a setback from previous games in the series.


From the developer's website:

Nancy Drew unexpectedly finds herself in Salem, Massachusetts investigating an arson on the Hathorne estate. The Hathorne House was originally constructed by Judge John Hathorne, inquisitor of the infamous Salem witch trials and the final home to 102-year-old Frances Tuttle, his last direct descendant. When Tuttle passed away, the estate became city property and while the mayor was seeking a manager to oversee the estate the home burst into flames. The ongoing investigation has turned up little evidence but concerned citizens have accused Mei Parry of arson and are pressuring the police to arrest the secretive teenager. As Nancy races to uncover the truth behind the arson, she discovers connections to the house’s past with the Salem trials and finds herself drawn into a struggle with supernatural events that she simply can’t explain. Nancy’s convictions are put to the test. Are the ghosts real? Has Salem’s dark history come to life, or is there someone else to blame? Time is short, and Nancy must find the answers before the clock strikes midnight.



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  • Salem, Massachusetts (main)
  • Austria (opening)


The game was initially set for release in 2015, but on August 19, 2015, Her Interactive announced that Midnight in Salem would be delayed until Fall 2016 at the earliest due to them switching to the Unity engine and the launch of Codes & Clues.[3] After a delay in the release, Her announced on December 19, 2017, that the game would release in Spring 2019. The release would be for PC and Macs as in the past, but has the potential to expand to tablets, consoles, and virtual reality platforms.

On May 1, 2019, Her Interactive announced that Midnight in Salem to be scheduled for release on November 19, 2019. Pre-orders were set to begin on October 1, but on that day, Her Interactive announced pre-orders were delayed for two weeks.[4][5]

The game was released for PC and Mac on December 3, 2019.





  • This game is the first to feature Brittany Cox as the voice of Nancy Drew, instead of the iconic Lani Minella. Cox's role was confirmed on November 29, 2019.[6]
    • Cox's husband, Ryan Ricks, was also confirmed as the game's composer on November 29, 2019.[6]
  • The game is the first in the series to allow full movement, but also still have point and click.
  • Mei and Teegan's surnames were originally spelled "Parris", similar to that of Salem minister Samuel Parris. However, the spelling was later changed. Olivia Ravencraft was also initially named Jenna Ravencraft, and Lauren Holt was changed from Lauren Corey.
  • Danni Krehbiel was originally the voice for Mei.[7]
  • Prior to the game's release, Her Interactive uploaded a demo of the Unity engine to be used for the game using assets from Labyrinth of Lies.[8] Reception to the trailer was polarizing however, as some fans of the series have complained about being unable to play first-person games due to motion sickness.



Main/recurring character revelations

  • Deirdre Shannon has cousins.



  • Several of the closed caption textboxes have gramatical, spelling, and various miscellanious errors; and either omit words spoken, or include words not spoken.
  • Clues and other details of the case have several inconsistencies, holes, and other errors.
  • As apart of the jucicial branch, Judge Danforth does not have the ability to decide whether Mei gets arrested.
  • The woman in the background of Ned's call was never explained.
  • When trying to light the lantern in the tunnels, the game only allows you to use the lighter three times before it disappears.


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