Mitch Dillon is the janitor at Paseo del Mar High School in 2010.

Secrets Can Kill: Remastered

He buys secret information about Gray Enterprises from Daryl Gray and then sells it to Detective Beech, but Jake Rogers tries to blackmail him with this. He ends up killing him, however. Throughout Nancy's case, Mitch threatens and tries to kill her by sabotaging the boiler, along with trying to burn video evidence of Jake blackmailing other students. In the end, he is brought to justice.

Secrets Can Kill


Mitch receiving drugs.


Mitch trying to kill Nancy.

Mitch is more mysterious in the original version in 1998 as he only appears towards the end, and is possibly the most dangerous person Nancy would have ever encountered. It is unknown if he is the janitor in this game, but the person responsible for the boiler room is still labeled "Dillon HVAC". Since Daryl Gray works at Maxine's Diner, Mitch pays him to get him drugs from Vandelay Pharmaceuticals. Jake Rogers found out about this and tried to blackmail Daryl and Mitch, but Mitch killed him. Mitch tries to kill Nancy by sabotaging the boiler in the school, along with trying to burn the evidence of his interactions with Daryl. Daryl and Nancy try to confront him the night of her investigation, but he tries to shoot Daryl. However, Connie Watson appears and kicks him in the back, so he only shoots Daryl in the arm. Mitch then punches her in the back, though, but Nancy corners him with his gun and Connie goes to get help.
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