Nancy Drew is a main character in the 1970's TV series The Hardy Boys / Nancy Drew Mysteries. She is initially portrayed by Pamela Sue Martin (fourteen episodes) and later by Janet Louise Johnson (four episodes).


Nancy is a young woman in her early twenties with red-blonde hair and blue eyes.


Nancy is a "part-time investigator," and she corrects people when they call her a detective.


Plot summary


  • Nancy: (before entering an abandoned lighthouse) "Me first, huh?"
    George: "You're the detective. I'm just the locksmith."
    Nancy: "Part-time investigator. Wanna trade?"
  • FBI agent: "This young lady took a big chance confronting the professor."
    Ned: "She's always taking chances. She seems to think she's some sort of detective.
    Nancy: "Part-time investigator."


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