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Nancy Drew is the protagonist of The Nancy Drew Files series. She lives in the town of River Heights, where she is well-known as an amateur detective; she also frequently travels and solves mysteries outside of River Heights, thus spreading her reputation elsewhere.


Nancy seems to be of average height, with her hair changing between light brown and blonde between book covers. She often wears trendy clothing for the era; for example, in Buried Secrets, Nancy wore a khaki safari jumpsuit with a canvas belt.


Nancy is an intelligent, bold young woman, who craves for adventure and mysteries. She is a loyal friend and client, who will do anything to help them out. Though Nancy dates Ned Nickerson, she often finds herself attracted to other men - most of whom are involved in her cases.



Nancy's mother died when she was a baby[1], and since then, she was raised by her father and Hannah Gruen.

Secrets Can Kill

While solving the murder of Jake Webb at Bedford High, Nancy becomes romantically involved with Darryl Gray.

Deadly Intent

While in New York, Nancy becomes jealous of her father's seemingly close relationship with Ann Nordquist. She meanwhile is dealing with her own relationship drama with Ned, due to her brief relationship with Darryl Gray.

Smile and Say Murder

While investigating a stalker at Flash magazine, Nancy calls in Ned to help her investigate. However, Nancy becomes jealous when Ned seems to have sparks with a suspect.

Hit and Run Holiday

While in St. Lauderdale, Nancy has a short fling with Dirk Beaumon.

Deadly Doubles

On a case in Washington D.C., Nancy meets her doppelganger, tennis star Theresa Montenegro.

Two Points to Murder

Nancy investigates sabotage on Ned's basketball team. However, the case ultimately pushes the tension in the couple's relationship. Unfortunately, Nancy and Ned break-up in the final chapter.

Buried Secrets

After solving the case of rising politician Todd Harrington, Nancy investigates the cold-case murder of his father, former River Heights mayor John Harrington. Meanwhile, Nancy and Ned face issues in restarting their relationship, while she also faces off with Brenda Carlton to see who can solve the mystery first.

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