Girl Detective


In the 90s and early 2000s, sales of the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories began to drop. At a Nancy Drew conference held in early 2005 in New York, a Simon and Schuster representative said that the digests had been selling about 30,000 copies. In order to boost sales, the original series was ended and the Nancy Drew series re-launched.

This new incarnation of Nancy Drew is supervised by Bonnie Bryant (Jacobson). The first volume of the new series, Without a Trace, reached the New York Times bestseller list in the Children’s Series category and #113 on USA Today’s Top 150 sellers list.


The publisher describes the series in the following way:

"Nancy Drew has a new spring in her step. And it's no wonder: We've given her whole world more oomph. In the all-new Nancy Drew, we've enhanced and expanded everything you've loved about Nancy, Bess, and George, and the rest of Nancy's crew. You loved the series before, but with more dimension, you'll love the series even more now! Learn why River Heights is such a hotbed of criminal activity, meet some new key sources of information for Nancy on all her cases, become acquainted with Nancy's new nemesis, and become even closer friends with Bess and George. And that's just the beginning..."

List of books in the series

Books in the Nancy Drew: Girl Detective are released in paperback format by Simon & Schuster. From 2008 to 2012, the mysteries were presented as 3-book mini arcs, drawing the mystery out over three distinct, but linked, titles.

1. Without a Trace, (Mar 2004)
2. A Race Against Time, (Mar 2004)
3. False Notes, (Mar 2004)
4. High Risk, (Mar 2004)
5. Lights...Camera..., (May 2004)
6. Action! (Jul 2004)
7. The Stolen Relic, (Sep 2004)
8. The Scarlet Macaw Scandal, (Nov 2004)
9. Secret of the Spa, (Jan 2005)
10. Uncivil Acts, (Mar 2005) |valign="top"| 11. Riverboat Ruse, (May 2005)
12. Stop the Clock, (Jul 2005)
13. Trade Wind Danger, (Sep 2005)
14. Bad Times, Big Crimes, (Nov 2005)
15. Framed, (Jan 2006)
16. Dangerous Plays, (Mar 2006)
17. En Garde, (May 2006)
18. Pit of Vipers, (Jul 2006)
19. The Orchid Thief, (Sep 2006)
20. Getting Burned, (Nov 2006)

21. Close Encounters, (Jan 2007)
22. Dressed to Steal, (Mar 2007)
23. Troubled Waters, (May 2007)
24. Murder on the Set, (May 2007)
25. Trails of Treachery, (Aug 2007)
26. Fishing for Clues, (Oct 2007)
27. Intruder!, (Dec 2007)
28. Mardi Gras Masquerade, (Feb 2008)
29. Stolen Bones, (Apr 2008)
30. Pageant Perfect Crime, (Jun 2008)

31. Perfect Cover, (Jul 2008)
32. Perfect Escape, (Oct 2008)
33. Secret Identity, (Dec 2008)
34. Identity Theft, (Feb 2009)
35. Identity Revealed, (Apr 2009)
36. Model Crime, (Jun 2009)
37. Model Menace, (Aug 2009)

38. Model Suspect, (Oct 2009)
39. Green-eyed Monster, (Dec 2009)
40. Green with Envy, (Feb 2010)
41. Seeing Green, (Apr 2010)

42. Secret Sabatoge (Jun 2010)

43. Serial Sabatoge (Aug 2010)

44. Sabatoge Surrender (Feb 2011)

45. California Schemin' (Jun 2011)

46. Mystery at Malachite (Oct 2011)

47. Stalk, Don't Run (Feb 2012)


In 2012, Simon & Suchter announced the series was cancelled and would be replaced by a new series titled The Nancy Drew Diaries. The series launched on February 5, 2013 with the first two titles forming an arc. With the third title, books will not have trilogies.

Graphic Novels

Graphic novels series were released in paperback and hardcover format by Papercutz.

  1. The Demon of River Heights, (Feb 2005)
  2. Writ in Stone, (Jul 2005)
  3. The Haunted Dollhouse, (Nov 2005)
  4. The Girl Who Wasn't There, (Feb 2006)
  5. The Fake Heir, (Apr 2006)
  6. Mr. Cheeters is Missing, (Jul 2006)
  7. The Charmed Bracelet, (Oct 2006)
  8. Global Warning, (Feb 2007)
  9. Ghost in the Machinery, (May 2007)
  10. The Disoriented Express, (Aug 2007)
  11. Monkey-Wrench Blues, (Nov 2007)
  12. Dress Reversal, (Feb 2008)
  13. Doggone Town, (May 2008)
  14. Sleight of Dan, (Aug 2008)
  15. Tiger Counter, (Nov 2008)
  16. What Goes Up..., (Feb 2009)
  17. Night of the Living Catchke, (May 2009)
  18. City Under the Basement, (August 2009)
  19. Cliffhanger, (November 2009)
  20. High School Musical Mystery, (February 2010)
  21. High School Musical Mystery: Part II: The Lost Verse, (May 2010)


  • Nancy Drew is eighteen years old and lives with her father in River Heights. When Nancy was three years old, her mother died. Nancy is quick-witted, but sometimes forgetful when thinking about a case. Luckily her friends George and Bess and her boyfriend Ned Nickerson are there to help her. Bess tries to get Nancy to wear clothes that Bess likes because she thinks they are fashionable, but Nancy prefers comfort over style.
  • Carson Drew, Nancy's father, is a lawyer. He is famous in River Heights for being good at solving crimes, a gift he passed down to his daughter.
  • George Fayne, her real name being Georgia, is an athletic computer whiz and one of Nancy's best friends.
  • Bess Marvin is Nancy's other best friend and George's cousin, though they don't have much in common except their friendship to Nancy. Bess is flirty and, according to Nancy, seems perfect in every way.
  • Ned Nickerson is Nancy's boyfriend. He sometimes comes along with Nancy on her cases. Ned is in college and tends to be casual. He works for his father's newspaper, River Heights Bugle.
  • Deirdre Shannon is Nancy's arch-enemy and former classmate. Deirdre's grade school nick-name was Dee-Dee. Their dislike for each other began when they were in first grade. Deirdre's father is also an attorney. She has a big crush on Ned Nickerson even though he is dating Nancy. Sometimes Deirdre tries hard to be as obnoxious as possible. With her black hair, green eyes and pale skin she looks like another Cruella De Vil.
  • Harold Safer is Nancy's neighbor. He owns the town's cheese shop and likes sunsets and Broadway musicals. In the first book, Without a Trace, Harold is accused of smashing a zucchini patch. Nancy and her friends help him prove his innocence.
  • Hannah Gruen has been living with the Drew family ever since Nancy's mother died. Hannah is their housekeeper and is like a member of the family, therefore she is protective of Nancy, sometimes even when she is working on a case. But she trusts Nancy.
  • Scotty Fayne is George's twelve year old annoying brother.
  • Chief McGinnis is the figure of the law in the series. In the old Nancy Drew stories, he and Nancy had a friendly relationship, but in Girl Detective their relationship is more antagonistic. Nancy beats him to crime scenes and solves mysteries before him, so he is jealous of her success.
  • Charlie Adams is a worker at Carr's Garage and half of the time he doesn't even charge Nancy because he is in love with her.
  • Luther Eldridge is an expert on River Heights history and he often helps Nancy on her cases. Nancy likes spending time with Luther because she can learn interesting things from him.
  • Mrs. Mahoney is the wealthiest person in River Heights and the owner of Rackham Industries. Her husband's ancestors were the Rackham Gang. The Rackham Gang was part of the great River Heights Heist and escaped with the money by using the Muskoka River. Mrs. Mahoney's husband is the only thing that makes her related to the Rackham Gang.