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The Nancy Drew Diaries is the current main Nancy Drew book series written under the pseudonym of Carolyn Keene. It was launched in February 2013 by Simon & Schuster, to replace the previous Nancy Drew: Girl Detective series.


From the publisher's website:

Nancy Drew and her friends Bess and George tackle everything from sabotage to kidnapping, using their impressive powers of deduction and reasoning to creatively crack cases and outsmart their enemies in the clever, contemporary, and delightfully suspenseful Nancy Drew Diaries.

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The series was announced in 2011 to replace the struggling Nancy Drew: Girl Detective series. The Diaries series was created to move away from the trilogy format that dominated the Girl Detective's later run (although the first two books would form a two-part arc). The new series was also developed to fix some of the criticized aspects that plagued the Girl Detective series since its inception, though with arguable success.

Margaret Wright served as the editor for the first six titles, with Amy Cloud as editor for books seven through sixteen. Fiona Simpson served as editor for book seventeen and A Nancy Drew Christmas. Anna Parsons became editor beginning with book eighteen, and continues in that capacity.

List of titles

# Title Release Date Ghostwriter
1 Curse of the Arctic Star February 5, 2013
2 Strangers on a Train Kekla Magoon
3 Mystery of the Midnight Rider May 7, 2013
4 Once Upon a Thriller September 24, 2013
5 Sabotage at Willow Woods January 5, 2014
6 Secret at Mystic Lake May 6, 2014
7 The Phantom of Nantucket September 23, 2014
8 The Magician's Secret January 20, 2015
9 The Clue at Black Creek Farm May 12, 2015
10 A Script for Danger September 22, 2015 Ami Boghani[1]
11 The Red Slippers December 15, 2015
12 The Sign in the Smoke May 10, 2016
13 The Ghost of Grey Fox Inn October 11, 2016
14 Riverboat Roulette January 3, 2017
15 The Professor and the Puzzle August 8, 2017
16 The Haunting on Heliotrope Lane January 2, 2018
- A Nancy Drew Christmas September 18, 2018 Reuben Sack
17 Famous Mistakes January 15, 2019
18 The Stolen Show September 24, 2019
19 Hidden Pictures January 14, 2020
20 The Vanishing Statue June 16, 2020
21 Danger at the Iron Dragon January 12, 2021
22 A Capitol Crime May 25, 2021
23 The Blue Lady of Coffin Hall January 4, 2022
24 Captain Stone’s Revenge January 10 , 2023


Like the Girl Detective series, the Diaries has received harsh reviews from fans. Much criticism has gone towards Nancy becoming more passive or timid, and Nancy's reluctance to solve a mystery in several stories. There has also been criticism in the uneven quality of the series.


  • A Nancy Drew Christmas is a special, unnumbered book in the series.
  • The Hardy Boys make an appearance in A Nancy Drew Christmas, marking the first crossover of the two teams in the Diaries/Adventures universe.
  • Book #17, Famous Mistakes, was initially slated for release in August 2018, but it was pushed back to January 2019, and A Nancy Drew Christmas was released instead. This is presumably so that A Nancy Drew Christmas would be available for the Christmas season.

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