Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew is a series that, like the Nancy Drew Notebooks, is aimed at a younger audience and features a Nancy Drew who is still in grade school. The series began publication in 2006.


Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew (2006–)

1. Sleepover Sleuths

2. Scream for Ice Cream

3. Pony Problems

4. The Cinderella Ballet Mystery

5. Case of the Sneaky Snowman

6. Fashion Disaster

7. The Circus Scare

8. Lights, Camera...Cats!

9. The Halloween Hoax

10. Ticket Trouble

11. Ski School Sneak

12. Valentine's Day Secret

13. Chick-napped!

14. The Zoo Crew

15. Mall Madness

16. Thanksgiving Thief

17. Wedding Day Disaster

18. Earth Day Escapade

19. April Fool's Day

20. Treasure Trouble

21. Double Take

22. Unicorn Uproar

23. Babysitting Bandit

24. Princess Mix-up Mystery

25. Buggy Breakout

26. Camp Creepy

27. Cat Burglar Caper

28. Time Thief

29. Designed For Disaster

30. Dance Off


In 2008, Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew #10: Ticket Trouble (2007) by Stacia Deutsch and Rudy Cohon was nominated for a Scribe Award in the category of Best Young Adult Original.