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Nathan Eskol is a character in The CW's television series Tom Swift portrayed by Ward Horton. He "is a self-assured, charismatic, shrewd powerbroker and longtime friend of the Swift family. He's a respected and progressive politician with a hidden agenda that will complicate Tom's life."[1]





Plot summary

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Nathan attends Swift Enterprises's first contact with Barton Swift's spaceship since his takeoff six months ago. He talks with Zenzi Fullerton and the duo flirt. Tom intervenes so Eskol leaves the conversation. The spaceship explodes during a live feed, seemingly killing Barton. Eskol attends the funeral services and passes his sympathies along to Lorraine. Later, Tom tries to blackmail Eskol into helping him fast-track a request for NASA to look into the explosion. Eskol denies his blackmail which forces his bodyguard Rowan to intervene. Tom later learns that the satellite that shot at his father has a symbol of two interlocking rings on the side. While the symbol isn't in a corporate database, the base of the satellite is owned by a private company, Stone Corporation, whose CEO is Nathan Eskol.

Justin Chase gives Tom files about Stone Corporation, which is rumored to be a front for an Illuminati-scale group called The Road Back. Supposedly, The Road Back wants to prevent the technological advancement of humanity. Tom, Zenzi, and Isaac head on a mission to find Barton's SOS message that has split into pieces around the US. They remain unaware that Eskol has compromised Barclay to spy on them. A group of men is with him, all of whom he trusts to keep Tom from discovering their plans, including Rowan.[2]

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Tom plots with Zenzi, Issac, and Lino to get Eskol and Rowan to the summit so he can mirror the data on Rowan's phone to stop the spyware infiltrating Barclay's system. Eskol prepares to leave the summit halfway through, so Zenzi is dispatched to get him to stay. Zenzi finds Eskol on the Summit red carpet and asks why he's leaving. Despite getting plenty of donors, he has a patent crisis pulling him away. She sends his assistant her Rolodex of patent lawyers so he can stay. She's remarkable and by the time the night is over, he hopes to have an answer to his dinner invitation. She nudges Eskol back into the event. Later, Zenzi puts the AR monocle on Eskol that cloaks Tom, allowing him to get the data from Rowan's phone and free Barclay.[3]

Eskol calls Zenzi for an impromptu dinner date, as he doesn't have to be in Chicago until the next night. She agrees to a dinner at Swift Manor, as the Swift's are "out of town". Eskol arrives with four bodyguards, worrying Isaac as this means he'll have the advantage. As she tries to charm Eskol while prying for information, he answers her questions despite being off-balance by them. Zenzi woos Eskol after dinner, learning more about him. He offers her dessert that he brought in a case, which she convinces him to have by the fireplace - just the two of them. He's brought peach cobbler with puff pastry, which is kin to her as her grandmother used to make it. They bond over books as Native Son is his favorite. He travels with it as it helps him see the world as it is and not how he wants it to be. They are about to kiss when she stops, blaming her reluctance on her lipstick. She leaves under the rouse and snoops through his bag, finding his copy of Native Son. She also finds a list of initials on a paper and takes a photo of it. She puts it back just as a guard finds her.

She tries to talk her way out of the situation, deflecting questions back at Eskol while painting herself as a cautious woman unsure of his intentions. She wonders why he needs so many bodyguards for a first date. The power goes out on the floor, which she pretends is normal. She feigns normalcy though this gives her the perfect reason to escort her guests out. Eskol promises to bring less guards and more desserts for their second date. She says goodbye to him in response. However, Zenzi, Tom, Isaac, and Lino realize the initials from his book are names, and numbers are coordinates. It starts with B.S., Barton Swift, and each initial correlates to the death of a brilliant inventor. The Road Back's not targeting tech, but the people behind it - and Barton was just the beginning.[4]


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