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Ned "Nick" Nickerson is a main character in the CW's 2019 television series Nancy Drew. He was Nancy Drew's secret boyfriend. He is portrayed by Tunji Kasim.


Nick is a young man in his late teens with deep brown eyes and black hair. He wears relaxed clothing such as jeans, a basic shirt, and a flannel. During his time as a mechanic, Nick often wore stained and tattered clothing, though after his purchase of The Claw, he began wearing newer clothing.


Nick is officially described as "Nancy’s secret boyfriend"[1]


Ned Nickerson, better known as "Nick", is the only child of Millicent Nickerson. He was dealt a poor hand in life following an incident with his friends. Nick was partying with his friends in Florida, when a jock named Austin came onto Nick's date. Despite the girls obvious discomfort and friendliness with Nick, Austin wouldn't let up and told Nick to go inside without them. Nick knew that the situation could turn into one of sexual assault and refused to leave the girl's side. Nick and Austin got into a physical altercation. During the fight, Austin went out a glass pane window and died. Nick was arrested for the death of Austin and charged with manslaughter. He was represented by the legal council of Carson Drew. An anonymous witness gave a testimony that allegedly proved Nick murdered Austin. This testimony sent Nick to prison for a crime that was committed in self-defense. He was bitter over the conviction but was kept on the straight-and-narrow by his social worker, Katherine Drew, who happened to be the wife of Nick's legal council. Katherine's persistence helped Nick agree to a meeting with the witness who put him away, now aware her identity was the millionaire socialite Tiffany Hudson.

Nick's resentment for Tiffany grew and he refused to speak to her for several visits, though she was able to communicate with him through literature. She apologized for her fake testimony and they built a friendship that he valued while serving the remainder of his sentence. Nick was eventually released from juvenile prison and his records sealed as the crime was committed when he was a minor. He hoped to rebuild his life and relocated to Horseshoe Bay, Maine, where he kept in close contact with Tiffany. He was aware of her schemes to bring down the Hudson family. He was hired as a mechanic at a local shop, where he met fellow townee Nancy Drew. The two began a no-strings-attached relationship, though Nick longed for a closer relationship with the girl detective.

Plot summary

Season 1

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Ned "Nick" Nickerson was a social outcast who worked as a mechanic in Horseshoe Bay, Maine. He maintained a secret relationship with Nancy Drew while being a frequent visitor of her diner, The Claw. While he visited the diner one night, Nancy found Tiffany Hudson murdered in the parking lot. The police arrested Nick, Nancy, Bess Marvin, George Fan, and Ace as suspects in the crime. The group was forced to work together to prove their innocence, as Nancy spear-headed the investigation into Tiffany's life and untimely death.

Season 2

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The group learns that their visions are portents from the Aglaeca, detailing how she plans to kill them. George and Nick get rid of his truck but are horrified when it reappears. They try to navigate Horseshoe Bay without his truck, just as Nick’s mother Millie arrives in town to check on her son. When George and Millie have an unfortunate first encounter, Nick struggles to convince his mother that Horseshoe Bay is the right place for him. She wants him to come back to Florida but he explains that he’s building a life here; with The Claw and George. With time, George wins Millie over after showing genuine concern for Nick when a former Aglaeca victim latches onto him. They get rid of the spirit but learn that the spirit and the other Aglaeca victims died within seven days of making their deals. With only three days left, Nick tries to spend every moment with George as he doesn’t want to miss anything as a couple. He also visits Ryan and tells him about the hard drive Tiffany left him, and the corruption that both Tiffany and Nick believe Hudson Enterprises is involved in. Ryan reluctantly agrees to help Nick.

With only a day left to stop the Aglaeca, and all their plans have failed, the group begins to turn on one another. Nick yells at Nancy for using people as distractions for her pain, to which she reminds him that her mom had just died when they started hooking up. Nancy later figures out a way to defeat the Aglaeca - by using the portents against her. Everyone goes to the places where their portents take place, and the group admits to one another their regrets just in case. Nick regrets not following through on his promise to Tiffany to take down the Hudson’s and asks for Nancy’s blessing to take down her family. She gives it to him with Ace promising to help. Nick and George are the first to be attacked and are trapped inside Nick’s truck. They use the sand portent which allows them to escape the truck before being drowned. That night, Nancy and the Drew Crew experience a new death vision of them all on the floor of The Claw having died, as they didn’t kill the Aglaeca only angered her. Nancy convinces the group to try reading Odette’s letters to her English lover, as they may be able to restore Odette to a human spirit. The plan works in transforming Odette back into a human, though the blast she releases upon her transformation throws everyone backward. George is impaled with a harpoon and dies in Nick’s arms, surrounded by her friends. With her final words, George finally returns Nick’s sentiment of “I love you”. Nancy, unable to accept her friend’s death, breaks into the Historical Society and steals an ancient shroud that brings people back to life. She uses the shroud on George and successfully resurrects her. Nancy’s use of stealing the shroud breaks the boxes in the Historical Society, releasing a multitude of supernatural entities.

In the weeks that followed her resurrection, Nick suffers intense nightmares of George dying in his arms. He is pulled back into the supernatural fold when Nancy discovers a corpse in her closet, and Nick is the only member of the Drew Crew who is reluctant to rejoin the paranormal side of Horseshoe Bay. He eventually gives in but also notices strange behavior from George, such as her having blackouts, randomly singing in French, and being closed off. Ace offers to talk with George since they share a near-death experience. They defeat the entity responsible for the reanimated corpse, a lamia, and Nick helps Hannah Gruen repair the broken Historical Society boxes. Nick visits Ryan, who has done some research on his father’s company. He learns that the sinking of the Bonny Scot wasn’t the first or last time that Everett had killed for business. Nick worries that Ryan’s snooping tipped Everett off to their investigation, which forces Ryan to accept a higher position in the company to appease his father. This initially infuriates Nick, as he mistakes the move for Ryan being on Everett’s side. Ryan reveals that he accepted so he can get close enough to deal a fatal blow. The is the only way to pull off Ryan’s plan is with Nick’s help, though Nick will be in danger. Nick promises he’s all in due to his promise to Tiffany.

They work together to prepare for Ryan’s interview with reporter Valentina Samuels, though Ryan assures Nick that he has experience with interviews and can handle it. Nick worries for Nancy’s safety if her true heritage is revealed, but that is also at the forefront of Ryan’s mind. Meanwhile, Nick notices George acting increasingly strange, so when she and Nancy are kidnapped by Bess’s estranged fake husband, he and Ace swoop in to help. As they untie the women, George freaks out and speaks French to him. He finally confronts her when she’s safe, and she admits that she’s sharing a body with the ghost of Odette Lamar, formerly known as the Aglaeca. The shroud used to resurrect George can also kill her if it’s used again. It vanishes from The Claw.

The shroud is stolen by Gil Bobbsey, so Nick, Nancy, and the Drew Crew spring into action to find it. George also struggles to find a balance with Odette who is making her presence known. George tells Nick that, for better or worse, she and Odette are a package deal though he has a choice on whether or not he wants to be involved. After retrieving the shroud, Odette overhears a conversation between Nick and Bess regarding her confinement and flees to the bluffs where she plans to take both her and George’s lives. Nick pleads with Odette to free George, promising that everyone will find a way to co-exist. He presses about how much he loves George and that he will follow Odette over the bluff if she kills George. Odette eventually relinquishes control of George, thus, agreeing to try and co-exist.

Nick suddenly appears at Nancy’s doorstep with no memory. Nancy and the Drew Crew explain his life and each of their roles in it, some of which are surprising to Nick. He is happy to learn he is a millionaire but confused as to why he couch surfs. As they investigate what might have caused his amnesia, he begins to remember his mechanical side. They find the gas he used to erase his memories, but he panics upon remembering who he is since a creature is after him. He erases his memory again, at the same time the police begin to suspect Nick for the murder of Historical Society employee Aristotle. Carson serves as his attorney during an interview with Ace’s father, Detective Thom. Nick doesn’t remember knowing sign language, his cousin being deaf, or fixing wobbly chairs for Thom. He doesn’t know if he killed Aristotle but he also doesn’t remember his criminal history. Carson tells Nick about how he killed a man in self-defense and how he served two years for manslaughter. Nick becomes emotional as he doesn’t remember doing something so awful. He feels betrayed by George for her not telling him, but she assures him she didn’t say anything because she didn’t want him to carry that trauma.

They learn the creature is a Grimathorne who kills everyone who knows its name, with Nick having learned it while fixing the archive boxes at the Historical Society. After dozens of failed attempts to stop the creature, and dozens of times erasing and restoring their memory, they decide one last hail mary; spread the name of the creature since the more people know the name the weaker it will become. With the creature defeated, George asks Nick why he’s staying at the Historical Society. He admits that he needs space sometimes, which she understands. He opens up about being in juvie and how he taught himself to not need much. He’s ready to get a place of his own with her. She agrees to live with him. He wants Carson’s old loft but decides to buy the whole building. He refocuses on his quest to take down Everett and learns that Tiffany had someone in Everett’s inner circle that was willing to leak her information. Nick schedules a meet at the annual food festival. He doesn’t make progress at first, which prompts his former counselor Keenan to make conversation. Keenan thinks Nick should tell his story to other troubled youths as he’s now a community leader. He promises Keenan that he’ll think about the offer. He identifies Howard Driscoll, Everett’s financial manager, as the person contacting Tiffany. Howard is willing to share information with him the same as he was with Tiffany. Nick gives Ryan files that prove Hudson is tied to murders for hire, the only problem is that all the bank statements, wire transfers, and contract agreements are in Ryan’s name. Everett had set Ryan up to take the fall for him by having Ryan sign things over the years as a teenager. The papers are for bombs, hits, and more, all that Everett set Ryan up to take the fall for.

Nick helps Nancy and the Drew Crew handle a missing girl who is haunted by the spirits of pirates. He worries that Nancy’s growing relationship with Celia might jeopardize his desire to dismantle the Hudson family. She visits him at The Claw where he’s drawing the empty units in his building, as he wants to turn them into a youth drop-in center. She finds it amazing but he still has to figure out a lot of stuff. Nancy hopes that Celia can change as the pirates did for the missing girl. Nick worriedly calls Ryan to tell him that they might have lost Nancy. Ryan helps him pursue the youth center and they visit the police station when their meeting is allegedly moved up. They unwittingly walk into a hostage situation by an anonymous person known as the Arbiter. The Arbiter demands that Nancy solve the death of Dolores Barrett, a missing black woman whose car had been with a dent made by a car with red paint.

They learn that Rose Thurnball went missing the same week, which was the first case Nancy ever solved. Nick notes that Dolores was a black woman who went missing at the same time as a young white girl, so she never had a chance. Ryan becomes a suspect, along with everyone else in the precinct, though Nancy rules out that Ryan did it as Dolores was at the restaurant two hours after Ryan was arrested. Brandon asks if she’s sure like she was sure about Everett’s involvement in the Bonny Scot. Ryan tells Nancy that he’s not that guy anymore which she knows. Tamura asks Nick if the relationship between Nancy and Ryan is why she recanted her testimony. Nick tells him to refocus on the missing black woman that was ignored for six years. He points out that crimes against black women are under-reported, investigated, and solved. If she were white more people might have asked about her or found her. Tamura wasn’t here then and Nick notes he’s here now. Through a series of events, they deduce that the police officers on duty that night were responsible for her death. Nick begs the younger female officer to tell the truth about what happened. She reveals the arresting officer, Fraser, used brutal force in the arrest which led Dolores to suffer a brain injury and fatal seizure. She and Fraser covered it up by throwing her body into the ocean. Fraser claims Dolores was resisting and Nick emotionally counters that she was terrified because they are always terrified. With the case closed, Nick is surprised when Tamura holds a press conference where he vows to eradicate the racism in the police department by doing things differently from now on. George comforts an emotional Nick.


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  • In The Whisper Box, his counterpart can not believe he and Nancy decided to break-up.
  • He worked for Lucy's brother, Josh Dodd.
  • In The Terror of Horseshoe Bay, he could communicate with Ace's father using ASL. He explained that, while growing up, he had a cousin who was deaf.
  • He is based of of the book character of the same name.
  • In the books he is not Nancy's secret boyfriend


Nick appears in every episode of season 1. As a lead character, he is anticipated to appear in most episodes of season 2.

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