Niko Jovic was a scientist at the Technology of Tomorrow Today laboratory in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Niko was very much dedicated to his work and didn't have many social interactions, much like Nikola Tesla, whose journal he had found and kept in his secret study. He would also take portions of Mason's and Ellie's work, believing everything should be shared. He was, however, friends with Gray Cortright, the security guard. Gray had helped him learn about energy and physics, and Niko hired him when he started working at the lab. They agreed that if he ever discovered anything that could be applicable in dangerous ways, they would have to destroy it.

One October night, Niko was working on the highly dangerous tesla coil when someone turned it on, killing him.
Niko Opening

Niko on the night of his murder

The Deadly Device

When the police investigation didn't solve the case, the lab's owner, Victor Lossett, hired Nancy to investigate undercover. Nancy eventually finds Niko's secret study, where he kept his own video surveillance and ended up recording the night of his murder. The footage shows Victor leaving the lab afterwards. Victor had wanted Niko not to give away his research about free energy so that it could be sold, and had hired Nancy in the hopes that she would accuse someone else to get the investigation to go away.

Ghost of Thornton Hall

The EMF reader Nancy uses in Ghost of Thornton Hall is labeled "Jovic Tech", implying some product line he may have had.

The Silent Spy

George's profile in The Silent Spy says that she did innovative work at the Jovic Center for Advanced Mechanical Study.

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