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Pilot is the premiere episode of The CW 2019 television series Nancy Drew. It aired on Wednesday, October 9, 2019.

The pilot had a preview screening at San Diego Comic Con on July 18, 2019.


An 18-year-old Nancy Drew makes plans to leave her hometown for college after high school graduation, but finds herself drawn into a supernatural murder mystery.

Plot summary

Act 1: In 2000, Lucy Sable apparently falls from the cliffs to her death on the night she was crowned Sea Queen. In 2018, Nancy Drew is crowned Sea Queen, and while in a graveyard with friends, she thinks she sees a ghost.

As a child, Nancy sees her parents dig up a chest in the backyard in the middle of the night. Nancy grows up with a sense of curiosity and a knack for looking into mysteries and solving them. Nancy's mother is diagnosed & died from pancreatic cancer. Nancy stops solving mysteries & defers Columbia

Present day. Nancy & Nick hook up at the garage. Afterward, Nick wants to get to know her & shares details about being a former football star, but she brushes him off.

She's late for her waitressing at The Claw. George Fan has a grudge against Nancy from H.S. To Nancy, Ace seems like a harmless stoner and Bess Marvin, a clumsy trust fund kid

As they close, Nancy sets her phone to record the fireworks. Ryan Hudson arrives, and George Fan reopens for his group. George is thrown by Tiffany's presence and gives Nancy her order. Nancy brings Ryan's wife Tiffany Hudson, who's waiting by the car, a plate of food and takes a wine order. Inside the restaurant, the power goes out. Nancy brings Tiffany the glass of wine, but finds her on the ground and calls for help. George, Bess, Ace, and Nick all come out just as police sirens approach.

Act 2: Chief McGinnis questions the five teens and brings everyone except Ace and Ryan's group to the station for further questioning. McGinnis antagonizes George about her alcoholic mom, Victoria Fan, Bess' shoplifting change and points out that Nick's done hard time, which Nancy didn't know about. Detective Karen Hart and McGinnis play Tiffany's 911 call to Nancy as they question her, and Nancy walks out because she isn't being charged. On the way out, Nancy runs into her father, who came because Karen called him & shoots Nick a dirty look and they argue about how he neglected her after her mother's death. Nancy walks home alone & sees a glimpse of Lucy Sable's ghost as a creepy song plays. At home, Nancy checks her phone and realizes she recorded Tiffany's final moments.

Act 3: At The Claw, Nancy shows the recording to George, Bess, and Ace to get their opinion. Ace agrees with Bess' assumption that Tiffany was killed by a ghost. Nick arrives and pushes Nancy into acknowledging their relationship after an argument about his past. The group begins brainstorming how to go about investigating, but Nancy pulls out because she doesn't do that anymore. Nick doesn't believe her and George admits Nancy's different since her mom's death. But that night, Nancy breaks into Ryan's house, triggering a silent alarm. In a hidden compartment in Tiffany's nightstand, she finds a necklace and a note. Security arrives to investigate the alarm, and Nick breaks in to help Nancy get out undetected, and Nancy loses her hat in the bushes as they sneak out. Nick drives her home and offers to tell her about his past if she tells him about hers, but Nancy doesn't want it to be serious. Upset, Nick drives away.

Act 4: At The Claw, Nancy asks George about the necklace she found, which is a mariners charm. Bess, Nancy, George go off in search of answers, ignoring Ace when he begs each of them to tag along. They find the secret compartment in the charm that's a seahorse like the one on the Sea Queen crown. From the note, they realize Tiffany was visiting a medium, Harriet Grosset. They visit her, and during a seance, Harriet appears to actually become possessed by another spirit, chanting, "Find the dress."

Act 5: Karen brings Nancy's hat from Ryan's house to Carson, telling him to cover it up because Nancy is going to make herself look guilty. They kiss, and Nancy walks in and sees them together, upsetting her and triggering another fight with her father. She goes to Nick's place and finally opens up to him. The next morning, Nick drives her back home, and her father sees them together. He warns Nancy to stay away from Nick, and she realizes that her father was Nick's lawyer. Her father leaves for work and Nancy breaks into her father's filing cabinet to get Nick's records, discovering that Nick was found guilty of manslaughter after the testimony of a single witness: the murder victim Tiffany Hudson.

Act 6: Nick returns to pick up Nancy's mother's broken car to see if he can get it running again, and Nancy pretends everything's okay, but Nick is now a real suspect. In the ending montage, Nancy begins documenting the case, considering everyone's motives. George visits Ryan Hudson at his house in a secret tryst, which Ace records and texts to Chief McGinnis. While working on the car, Nick finds a hidden package. Bess, instead of living with a rich aunt like she told everyone, is actually living out of a van and she somehow has Tiffany's ring.

The power goes out at Nancy's home, and the attic door drops open. Up in the attic, Nancy peels away wallpaper to reveal words about Lucy Sable, and she finds the trunk her parents dug up when she was a child. She opens the trunk to find a bloody dress. As she places her flashlight down to look more closely at the dress, and the light illuminates Lucy's ghost behind her.

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Carson: "I've just been buried at work."
Nancy: "Poor word choice, given recent events."
―  Nancy snarking at Carson

I've wanted to believe that this isn't my life. That I'm not here. That my mom isn't dead. That Colombia's not just a pipe dream. But all of those things are true. This is my life. And the only thing making it any better is you.
— Nancy to Nick

Why is always the ones you love the most with the most to hide?
— Nancy (Closing voiceover)


  • The pilot was filmed in Vancouver, Canada from March 25 to April 9, 2019 under the working title The Haunting of Nancy Drew.[1][2]
  • The first mystery that Nancy says she solved was finding a missing girl held captive behind a hidden staircase. "The Hidden Staircase" was the second Nancy Drew book. Also, a movie called Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase was released earlier the same year that this episode aired.
  • The street River Heights that the Drew family lives on is the name of the town they live in the books adaptions.
  • A deleted scene featured a flashback where Lucy Sable watch over Nancy in The Claw, with the rain on the windows adding ambience to the scene. It was meant to show that Lucy had always been watching over Nancy, however, it had to be cut for time.[3]
    • Also the original script for the Pilot had Nancy & Ace’s original first scripted onscreen conversation [4] which later got cut from the episode as they never shot the scene, but Nancy made an brief reference of it in her voiceover when describing The Claw and her co workers to the audience.


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