Prudence Rutherford is a wealthy - if slightly eccentric - socialite.


Secret of the Scarlet Hand

In 2002, Prudence's fire ruby necklace is stolen from her villa in Topeka, and a scarlet hand print is put on the wall. Nancy believes that the theft is connected to the theft of the Pacal carving, also with a hand print left at the scene of the crime, at Beech Hill Museum, and she is able to obtain Prudence's number since she is a member of The Topeka Commision for the Arts which were major donors to the museum (she also happened to judge a mime competition along with Franklin Rose, Nancy's contact). Prudence sends her a replica that her people had commissioned, "with the idea that she would wear such a thing".

Prudence says that the jade carving in the necklace was inherited from her mother-in-law. She may have been related to Archibald Rutherford, the man who discovered one of the slabs at the museum.

Danger by Design

In 2006, Prudence calls Minette's House of Design in Paris, France as Nancy is working there. Nancy picks up the phone and Prudence asks if her designs are ready yet. Nancy finishes the seasonal designs for her.

The Phantom of Venice (video game)

In 2008, Prudence has Nancy stay at her old house in Venice, which now belongs to Margherita Faubourg, and has the GDiF work with Nancy to apprehend the phantom that is stealing artwork from the city. She says that she is the chairwoman of the Society for the Protection and Renovation of Venetian Antiquities and Culture. By now, she also has a dog named Ginger and is working on her second book, Principles of Prudence, which are her memoirs. She mentions Nancy in them after she solves this case. Prudence had previously written Prudent Living, which can be seen in Bruno Bolet's catalog in Legend of the Crystal Skull.


  • Prudent Living
  • Principles of Prudence
  • A Treatise on Etiquette


  • Prudence has a dog that she thinks is perfect, named Ginger.
  • Prudence has written an essay on etiquette called "A Treatise on Etiquette". It can be found through the Paseo del Mar library search engine.
  • P. G. Krolmeister is friends with Prudence. She was even visiting his home when a tornado struck. She was hit in the head, but appears to be fine (aside from being fond of reality TV).
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