Pua Mapu is Mike Mapu's daughter and a surfing champion.


Pua's mother died when she was 10 and her father gives "immersion excursions", which are quality, detailed vacations.

The Creature of Kapu Cave

In 2006, Frank and Joe take surfing lessons from Pua on an undercover assignment to find out if she is okay to be used in an advertisement for Aikens Biotech. In truth, the CEO, Richard Aikens, wants to find out why the Mapus are spreading rumors about the Hilihili, another company he owns.

It turns out Pua's father would inherit the Hilihili if it were to go out of business, which may have something to do with him being a former pineapple grower. He brought fritillated flag beetles to Hawaii so that they would destroy the pineapples, and then blamed it on the Hilihili's research. He needed money to pay off Johnny Kuto, a man who sold stolen items to a pawn shop that Mike was harboring for him. When Frank finds this out, Mike confesses his plan to authorities.

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