This is a list of quotes that can be found in the Nancy Drew Adventure Games and Nancy Drew Dossier Games.

Stay Tuned for Danger

Lillian, I think you should leave your act to the professionals. I can see right through you.
Nancy Drew slamming Lillian Weiss over her investigation

Treasure in the Royal Tower

Well you can't exactly tiptoe through the tulips when they're buried under six feet of snow.
George Fayne about going outside during the snowstorm
Nancy, my dear, welcome to the witching hour.
Professor Hotchkiss meeting Nancy Drew outside her room for the first time

The Final Scene

No teenyboppers till showtime, house rules.
Nicholas Falcone upon first meeting Nancy Drew
All in favor of men who slay dragons, say aye!
Bess Marvin about Brady Armstrong

Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

Bess Marvin: "Nancy! How's it going?"
Nancy Drew: "Hey, Bess. How'd you know it was me?"
Bess Marvin: "Telepathy, of course. Just another of my many talents."
George Fayne: "You are so full of it. She got Caller ID, Nancy."
Bess Marvin: "Anyway..."

If they ever make procrastination a crime, I'm done for.
Sally McDonald on why she has not organized the shed at her home.
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