Resorting to Danger! is the second and final game in the Nancy Drew Dossier series. It was released on August 25, 2009, and was promoted with a microsite.


Defuse an Explosive Situation at an Exclusive Resort!

You, as Nancy Drew, must stop a bomber from ruining the Redondo Spa clients’ rejuvenation and relaxation. The high maintenance clients won’t be happy if they find that their retreat is about to explode, even if the bombs are more prankster gross-outs than dangerous.

Now, Nancy Drew is undercover as the spa gopher catering to the customers’ eccentric requests while defusing bombs. From celebrities who escape here to the receptionist at the front desk—everyone is a suspect! Who is sabotaging the spa and can Nancy catch the culprit before the spa loses all of its clients in Nancy Drew Dossier: Resorting to Danger?

  • Uncover up to six endings depending on how you solve the case
  • Decode cryptic notes and defuse bombs
  • Navigate through a garden hedge maze
  • Explore the inner workings of a luxury spa


Nick Bleski

Nick is the manager of the Redondo.

Cassidy Jones

Cassidy is the receptionist.

Jasmine Ivy

Jasmine is the actress who is staying in the Redondo's suite.

Helfdan Helgason

Helfdan is the Redondo's biochemist whose job is to make beauty products.

Mrs. Sunny Joy Montague

Mrs. Montague is a wealthy client at the spa. She has a dog, Mr. Mingles, who frequently gets into trouble.

Joanna Brown

Joanna is the janitor.

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