Richard "Rick Arlen" Aburtuski is an actor, best known for his role of Rory Danner in the soap opera Light of Our Love, playing Rory Danner. His agent was originally Dwayne Powers, he was hired on January 4th, but he left him to get a better agent. Rick also dated Mattie Jensen and then Lillian Weiss at one point. He has an Aunt Mimi who loves cats and old newspapers. Rick changed his last name when he got into the acting business, his original last name was Aburtuski then changed to a shorter name, Arlen.


Stay Tuned for Danger

In 1999, Rick's costar Mattie Jensen asks Nancy to come stay at her apartment to investigate a series of threats Rick is receiving. They range from notes with cutout letters, to typewritten letters, to weird gifts and strange accidents. Rick himself puts on a façade as a cool, collected, cheerful man making Nancy find him cute when in reality he is very conceited and not at all worried about the threats. In the end, Nancy finds out that there were many culprits to this case. Rick was sending the first notes to himself out of vanity and signing them with "B. T. Kaisuur", an anagram of his real last name, Aburtuski. Lillian Weiss, the show's director, had sent him poisoned chocolates out of anger for him dumping her, and Dwayne Powers, his former agent, had done everything else, blaming Rick for his failed business and claiming that "everybody hates Rick".

Message in a Haunted Mansion

In Louis' briefcase, there is a magazine clipping that says:

Rick Arlen: Back With a Vengeance

Soap star heartthrob, Rick Arlen, has renewed his contract with Worldwide Broadcasting but admits he had misgivings about another season with Light of Our Love. "It was a very difficult time of my life," the actor admits "There were a lot of things going down and I didn't know if it was time to move on." Rumors have persisted that Arlen had been victim of a stalker and that a teen detective named Nancy Drew was on the case. However, neither Rick nor the show's producer, William Pappas, had any comment.

The Final Scene

Over the phone, George teases her cousin Bess about her crush on Rick Arlen.

Alibi in Ashes

A picture of Rick can be seen in Nancy's desk.


  • Light of Our Love


  • His cell phone number in 1999 was (212) 555-5427.
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