Rose Green is a former citizen of River Heights and the owner of a Bed & Breakfast. She is a friend of the Drew Housekeeper, Hannah Gruen. She wrote to a man named Hue Straddenier, but the letters go missing in the middle of the game.


Message in a Haunted Mansion

In 2000, Rose spends her entire life savings on a Victorian mansion in San Francisco with her friend Abby Sideris, whom she knew from the River Heights drama department. They hire Charlie Murphy who they later find out is living in their basement. They hope to turn it into a bed & breakfast hotel, but a series of strange accidents delay the project.

When Hannah found out about the strange occurrences, she offered Nancy to go over there and help out. Rose's antique dealer, Louis Chandler, was actually trying to scare her out of the house, hoping to find Lizzie Applegate's treasure. When he was exposed, the place became a success under its original name, The Golden Gardenia.

Alibi in Ashes

A picture of Rose can be seen in Nancy's desk.


  • According to a letter in Rose's desk, she owns a cat.
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