Sally McDonald is a photographer whom Nancy's dad, Carson Drew, knows.


Sally became a friend of the Drews after Carson bought some of her pictures for his office. It is also presumed Bess and George know her, with George commenting Sally is one of the nicest people she knows.

Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

In 2002, Sally asks Nancy to come to her new house in Moon Lake, Pennsylvania to investigate strange dogs that keep attacking her house. By the time Nancy arrives at the cabin, Sally has already fearfully fled to her aunt's house in Philadelphia, but she still keeps in touch with Nancy through the cabin's phone.

At the end of the game, she adopts Eddie, Meryl, Bruce, and Cher, also known as the dogs that Emily Griffin faked as Mickey Malone's Dogs.

Eddie, Meryl, Bruce, and Cher.


  • "If they ever make procrastination a crime, I'm done for."
  • "You know, sometimes I wonder whether I bought a house or an amusement park."
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