Scott Varnell is a professor of meteorology at Canute College, and the leader of the Canute Storm Chasers team.


Trail of the Twister

Scott was trying to win the Green Skies competition in 2010 by conducting enough tests and gaining good enough results to gain a $100,000,000 grant. However, accidents kept happening to the crew.

When Nancy joined the team, she found out that Scott was conspiring with the leader of the rival team, from Kingston University, Brooke Tavanah. Scott was sabotaging his own team and Brooke was paying him. He was angry that he never got the credit he deserved for being such a brilliant scientist and for researching tornadoes yet being stuck at Canute and not receiving tenure. Scott has a breakdown during a twister and knocks Nancy out, but she chases him around the county until he crashes at the springhouse. Nancy brings them inside and he is made to do community service.

Scott was fascinated by tornadoes since once destroyed his home when he was very young. An article Nancy finds says that his focus was on tornadogenesis for the past 15 years.

He does not like chocolate, and he is extremely allergic to cats.

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