Season 2 of the television series Nancy Drew premiered on January 20, 2021,[2] airing Wednesday nights at 9pm on The CW, once again following the show Riverdale.[3]

Season 2 was initially given a full season order. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic several shows have been forced to shorten filming, which made the total episode count unknow. The 18-episode count was later confirmed by Kennedy McMann on Twitter.[1]

Season 2 was picked up on January 7, 2020.[4] It was initially planned to premiere in Fall 2020, but productions were halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the majority of the fall season lineup was delayed until January 2021.


Official synopsis for season 2:[5]

Season two of NANCY DREW follows the legendary teen detective as she solves mysteries – both earthbound and supernatural – in her haunted hometown of Horseshoe Bay, Maine. Nancy (Kennedy McMann) leads a sleuthing team of unlikely friends: George Fan (Leah Lewis), whose clairvoyant heritage will emerge through her encounters with the paranormal; Bess Marvin (Maddison Jaizani), a con artist and heiress with multiple lady admirers; Ned “Nick” Nickerson (Tunji Kasim), Nancy’s ex and George’s boyfriend, a gifted mechanic with a tragic past; and philosophical slacker Ace (Alex Saxon), whose computer-hacking skills have caused secret troubles that will soon be exposed. In season one, the Drew Crew helped Nancy discover the stunning truth that Lucy Sable, the ghost who’d been haunting her all season, was her biological mother, and her biological father was corrupt billionaire Ryan Hudson (Riley Smith). Season two is a direct pickup from season one, so it will span the autumn of 2019, during Nancy’s gap year before college. Ryan will attempt to redeem himself through forging a father-daughter bond with Nancy while keeping her parentage a secret from the rest of his powerful family.

Nancy will also find a way forward with her adoptive father Carson Drew (Scott Wolf) by becoming an investigator for his legal practice. Her adventures will bring the Drew Crew standalone cases, new romances, and emotional journeys of self-reinvention as Nancy tries to navigate with both her biological parent and the man who raised her – but the compounding intrigue and menace of the Hudson family will ultimately force her to make a life-altering choice between her two fathers. NANCY DREW is a production of CBS Television Studios in association with Fake Empire, with executive producers Noga Landau (“The Magicians”), Melinda Hsu Taylor (“The Gifted,” “The Vampire Diaries”), Josh Schwartz (“Gossip Girl,” “Dynasty,” “Runaways”), Stephanie Savage (“Gossip Girl,” “Dynasty,” “Runaways”) and Lis Rowinski (“Dynasty,” “Runaways”).

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# Title Air Date Director Writer
19 1 The Search for the Midnight Wraith[8] Jan 20, 2021 Larry Tegen Noga Landau & Melinda Hsu Taylor

2.01 Nancy and the Drew Crew.jpg
Nancy and the Drew Crew are still reeling from witnessing the visions of their deaths. They realize even more so now that they need to come up with a plan to stop the Aglaeca before it’s too late. Meanwhile, Detective Tamura shows up at The Claw to bring Nancy in for questioning as she is now a suspect in a mysterious comatose girl’s assault.

20 2 The Reunion of Lost Souls[9] Jan 27, 2021 Rachel Raimist/Ed Sanchez Alex Taub

NCD202a 0039r.jpg
Nancy and the Drew Crew continue to search for clues to battle the Aglaeca. Meanwhile, George has an unfortunate first encounter with Nick’s visiting mother. Lastly, Carson and Ace have a heart-to-heart.

21 3 The Secret of Solitary Scribe[10] Feb 3, 2021 Rachel Raimist Alex Taub

NCD203b 0279r.jpg
With time running out, Nancy and the Drew Crew come up with a plan that they think might help reverse the curse that the Aglaeca placed on them.

22 4 The Fate of the Buried Treasure[11] Feb 10, 2021 Larry Teng Celine Geiger

Nancy and the Drew Crew race against the clock to find a way to destroy the Aglaeca before she can destroy them. Meanwhile, Ace reaches out to Carson for a favor.

23 5 Feb 17, 2021 TBA TBA

Production Notes

  • On September 4, 2020, this season was greenlit to start production.[12]
  • On September 29, 2020 production officially started.[13]
    • However, production shut down the next day due to delays in processing COVID-19 tests in British Columbia. Luckily, the stoppage was temporary. [14]
    • On October 5, 2020 the official Nancy Drew Instagram account posted a picture with the caption, "The Drew Crew is back on set solving mysteries for Season 2!" signaling production had resumed.[15]
  • The character Tom Swift will appear in an episode this season, with plans for a spin-off series. Like the character Nancy Drew, Tom Swift is a fictional character who originated from Stratemeyer Syndicate. "Plans are for Tom to crash into one of Nancy’s investigations, an event which Nancy interprets as supernatural and Tom believes to be cosmically paranormal". The hope is that is appearance will generate a potential spin-off series called Tom Swift, which would also air on the CW network. [16]
  • On October 11, 2020, the cast and executive producers gathered for a virtual New York Comic Con panel. Noga Landau teased that new characters will appear this season. Some character have appeared in book iterations while others are exclusive to the series.[17]
    • Noga also teased that the supernatural elements from the first season will carry over to the second season, with the Alglaeca returning as, "she’s not going away easy — if at all," but confirmed that, "we have a whole bunch of new ones along the way, because Horseshoe Bay is a little bit haunted and we’re going to dig deeper" and "see more and more of the things that hide in the shadows."[17]


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