Soren Bergursson runs the Cultural Center in Sea of Darkness.


Soren has lived in Skipbrot for a total of twelve years; two years before he attended Harvard University and ten years after. He works at the Cultural Center. Soren mourns the fact that no one likes him due to his "outsider" status, a fact that depresses and frustrates him, especially since he was born only ten miles away from Skipbrot.

Sea of Darkness

When Nancy gets onto his tablet, she discovers that Soren's grant at Harvard University for a potential project that would discover what happened to the Heerlijkheid was denied, and he was deeply disappointed. As a lover of history, Soren was determined to find out why it had come to Iceland and where its treasure went. Soren had signed the exploration rights of the Heerlijkheid over to Dagny and Magnus, a fact the town hated even though it brought them out of financial disaster.

After discovering Magnus in the ice caves, Magnus tells Nancy that Soren had abducted him from the ship and brought him to the caves -hoping to get information on the treasure- but he hadn't yet put together all the clues. Soren is presumably also the one to trap Nancy in the bilge and possibly open the lighthouse windows, exposing her to freezing temperatures.

Nancy continues Magnus's studies of the Heerlijkheid, discovering that a fake treasure was also hidden. When Soren arrives with an axe in order to force Nancy to give him the treasure, she digs up the fake chest and he leaves happily, but not before striking the ice cave's walls and bringing down the ceiling to trap Nancy. Nancy has just enough signal on her phone to get Alex to call the police, who arrest Soren when he exits the caves as Nancy meanwhile discovers the real treasure. Nancy can either let Soren be arrested or testify that he can be reasoned with, the latter in which case he is sentenced to community service and helps out at the Missti Skip.


  • Nancy can buy the same sweater Soren wears, becoming "sweater twins".
  • Soren's favorite relic is a replica of a battleaxe called Guðrún. He uses it to knock icicles from the roof of the Cultural Center.
  • Soren's been celebrating his birthday alone for as long as he's lived in Skipbrot.


  • "Nothing says 'I love you' like a new murder tool!"
  • "Elisabet is a rose, truly, but she does have thorns."
  • "Ahh, the treasure. X marks the headache."
  • If [Magnus] were to turn up...say... less than alive, it would spell bad news for me. I'm already disliked, and it would only show the others how easy it is to make someone disappear."
  • "If I so much as cough in the wrong direction, I've got a mob of angry citizens on my porch."


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