Strange Memories is the 122nd book in The Nancy Drew Files. It was published in August 1997 by Archway Paperbacks.

Back cover summary

When a young artist is attacked, it’s up to Nancy to draw a portrait of a criminal.

Nancy’s in San Francisco, and the city’s a real more ways than one. She sees a woman hit over the head in the famed Presidio, and not only is Nancy unable to nab the assailant, she can’t identify the victim – who’s struck by amnesia.

The victim’s sketchbook is the only clue to the case, and as Nancy puts the pieces together, a sinister picture begins to emerge. The woman’s name is Lilly Lendahl, a budding artist and potential heiress trapped in a tangled web of deception, jealously, and greed. And hidden in the web is someone with a very long memory for murder!




  • San Francisco
    • Earthquake Cafe
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