Strange Memories
House name Carolyn Keene
Publication information
Publisher Archway Paperbacks
Producer Mega-Books
Publication date August 1st,1997
Media type Paperback
Pages 160
ISBN 0671568809
Series The Nancy Drew Files
Preceded by Natural Enemies
Followed by Wicked for the Weekend

Strange Memories is the 122nd book in The Nancy Drew Files. It was published on August 1st, 1997 by Archway Paperbacks.


When a young artist is attacked, it’s up to Nancy to draw a portrait of a criminal.

Nancy’s in San Francisco, and the city’s a real more ways than one. She sees a woman hit over the head in the famed Presidio, and not only is Nancy unable to nab the assailant, she can’t identify the victim – who’s struck by amnesia.

The victim’s sketchbook is the only clue to the case, and as Nancy puts the pieces together, a sinister picture begins to emerge. The woman’s name is Lilly Lendahl, a budding artist and potential heiress trapped in a tangled web of deception, jealously, and greed. And hidden in the web is someone with a very long memory for murder!