Ted Fan is a recurring character in The CW's 2019 television series Nancy Drew. She is one of George Fan's younger sisters, and she is a straight-A student in school. Ted Fan is portrayed by Ariah Lee.


Ted is a young girl with long black hair and dark brown eyes. She wears black-rimmed glasses.


Ted is very studious and gets straight-As in school. She shows interest when George is possessed by a ghost.


Ted is a member of the Fan family, one of Victoria Fan's four daughters, born and raised in Horseshoe Bay, Maine.

Plot summary

When George becomes possessed by the ghost of Tiffany Hudson, the crew visits George's mother, who asks the girls to turn down the music because "your sister's fighting off a ghost." Ted emerges and excitedly asks, "Can I see?" George asks her to go braid Jessie's hair, and Ted sighs and walks off, but she returns to hear more of what's going on.[1]

To communicate with the ghost of Lucy Sable, George suggests using Ted's dragon toy, which Ted volunteers in return for five things, and she hands Nancy the list of things. After the crew does the seance, a ghost is still attached to the toy, and Ted begins talking to it as she colors in her coloring book.[2] The next day, Ted stays in the store room at The Claw when someone unseen arrives, and Ted goes missing.[3]

The next morning, George contacts Nancy, Bess, and Nick to help find her sister. Nancy realizes Ted has been kidnapped because the case is reminiscent of a 6-year-old kidnapping case Nancy solved involving Nathan Gomber. Chief McGinnis issues an Amber Alert and the whole town gets involved for the search. Following the clues, they discover that Moira Baker kidnapped Ted in an attempt to sacrifice her to the ghost Simon, and George and Nick find Ted being held at Baker's parents' antique shop.[4]


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  • Ted hates the water.[4]
  • Ted's favorite shirt is a cat with lazer eyes.[4]


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