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Thanos Ganas plays Hades in "Persephone in Winter" when Nancy is helping out at the Phidias Cultural Center. Much like Hades, his manner is gruff and intimidating.


Labyrinth of Lies

In 2014, Thanos is playing in Persephone in Winter and is also the hydraulics manager, making sure the set works properly. However, when Nancy has Frank and Joe look for information about him, she finds out that he had killed people before. When she confronts him about this, he says that it was part of his job and he did not know what he was doing. All the records of his past had been burned.

Nancy later finds out that Thanos was hired by Kronos, the Greek mafia, to orchestrate an art heist at the museum. He threatened Niobe Papadaki and Grigor Karakinos into helping him and Xenia Doukas with their plan. When Nancy exposes their plot, Thanos uses his connections with the police to escape prosecution.


  • Thanos is probably named after Thanatos, the mythological Greek god of death who plays a role similar to the Grim Reaper.


  • "Hades isn't real, quiet girl. Thanos is."
  • "To me this is not acting"
  • "Caged like an animal? Perhaps. Like a mad hound? My eyes searching wildly for the weak seams of captivity. Blood still wet on my teeth. How many heads did Cerberus have? Three? I am but one of three and I will not be caged for long."
  • "Life is the reflection from the surface of the water. And death is the reflection from below the waves."