The Deadly Device is the twenty-seventh game in the Nancy Drew adventure series. In it, Nancy goes undercover at a science lab to investigate the murder of a genius.


An elusive killer shocks a high-tech lab!

Half scientist, half magician, Nikola Tesla changed our world with his electrical discoveries. To this day, people would do anything to uncover his secrets - and now, it seems someone did. Just days before an experimental breakthrough is announced, scientist Niko Jovic is found electrocuted at the Technology of Tomorrow Today laboratory in Colorado. With the police stumped and the case now gone cold, the lab owner has asked you, as Nancy Drew, to carefully bring the murderer to justice while discovering the secret of The Deadly Device!

  • Uncover obscure Tesla insights and unlock corporate secrets
  • Tinker with strange mechanical wonders created by Tesla
  • Sneak into off-limit areas and get the scoop from employees on day and night shifts


Victor Lossett

Victor is the co-owner of the lab. He hires Nancy to investigate the murder and is quite impatient for her to solve it. However, he seems very certain that Ryan Kilpatrick is the murderer.

Ryan Kilpatrick

Ryan is the lab's resident technical expert, friendly but somewhat eccentric. She is the prime suspect in Niko's death, having built a special part for the Tesla coil upon his request, but insists that she's not guilty.

Mason Quinto

Mason is the fussy senior lab assistant. Mason is a dedicated scientist, but believes that one's work should be private. He disliked and resented Niko for reading through his files without his knowledge.

Ellie York

Ellie works the night shift in the research department, mainly because she does not get along with Mason and wants to avoid him. She discovered Niko's body, but has little to say about the murder.

Gray Cortright

Gray is the head of lab security. Perhaps the most reticent of the whole team, he almost never answers Nancy with anything more than a few words.

Niko Jovic

Niko is the murder victim. He was a quiet and introverted scientist who greatly admired Nikola Tesla and believed in the free sharing of scientific research and information.

Phone Friends

The phone is accessed by an icon at the bottom of the screen. Nancy can get hints from the task list if she's an Amateur Sleuth.

Frank and Joe Hardy

Frank and Joe are detective brothers and good friends of Nancy.

Deirdre Shannon

Deirdre is Nancy's acquaintance from River Heights who needs help with her criminology class.




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Nancy Drew The Deadly Device Official Trailer

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