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The Fate of the Buried Treasure is the fourth episode of season 2 of The CW television series Nancy Drew, and the twenty-second episode of the series overall. It aired on February 10, 2021.


Official synopsis of The Fate of the Buried Treasure from The CW:

RUNNING OUT OF TIME - Nancy (Kennedy McMann) and the Drew Crew race against the clock to find a way to destroy the Aglaeca before she can destroy them. Meanwhile, Ace (Alex Saxon) reaches out to Carson (Scott Wolf) for a favor. Leah Lewis, Alex Saxon, Tunji Kasim, Maddison Jaizani and Riley Smith also star. Larry Teng directed the episode written by Celine Geiger (#204).

Plot summary

COLD OPEN: Nancy and the Drew Crew clean up The Claw with only 46 hours to destroy the Aglaeca. Nick determines that the dybbuk box is useless, as it isn’t made of the right materials or blessed by the proper rabbi. Ace found an operational dybbuk box outside of Boston. They have to fill it with items important to the spirit while they were alive and a totem from their death. Nancy remembers that their portents were tokens from her death, so Owen’s sand should work as the totem of Aglaeca's death. They just have to figure out who she was in life for the plan to work.

ACT ONE: Odette LaMar was a wealthy French heiress and Captain Douglas Marvin’s first wife, a brilliant businesswoman, and the LaMar who figured out that the land in France was perfect for vineyards. Odette married Captain Douglas aboard the governance and died of consumption, though the sea shanty claims she was betrayed and murdered. Bess shows them a photo of Odette. They make a plan to fill the box with portent sand and find something meaningful to Odette. George worries what will happen if they don’t end Aglaeca in time, with Ace and Bess having already written their obituaries. Ace visits Carson for help on finding the dybbuk box, as he needs Carson to pose as the Hudson family lawyer and as for the box on behalf of the family. Ace, Carson, and Ryan drive to Boston with Ryan and Carson bantering over Nancy. Ace tries to play the “What If” game about a sick chicken, but Ryan and Carson manage to liken it to Nancy. At The Claw, Bess reads over her obituary and Lisbeth sits next to her as she’s visiting. They miss each other and Lisbeth is determined to fight for their relationship, which Bess also wants. Lisbeth invites Bess to meet her parents for dinner to which Bess accepts. They kiss before Lisbeth leaves since Bess needs to meet with Nancy. Inside, George wants to know why Nick thinks they can win all of a sudden. He believes the box can work if they do it right. George’s sister Jesse enters as she needs a key for the house. George decides to train Jesse on how to run the Claw, quietly telling Nick that she needs to teach Jesse how to care for their sisters if she dies. Bess and Nancy visit Aristotle, Hannah Gruen’s assistant to ask about Odette LaMar. He directs her to Captain Marvin’s cottage which holds an accurate representation of the ship’s manifest. Before she visits the cottage, Nancy tells Aristotle that Odette was more than a wife, she was an accomplished businesswoman. He finds it irrelevant as she’s only relevant to Horseshoe Bay since she married Captain Marvin. Nancy tells the truth about Odette’s murder which tourists record, but he doesn’t believe her. They argue with the tourists clapping for Nancy.

ACT TWO: The tension between Ace, Ryan, and Carson is significant with Ryan wanting to know why Nancy needs the dybbuk box. He wonders if it has something to do with the ritual he and Nancy did in the woods, pointingly reminding Carson that he is Nancy’s “real” father. The employee emerges as she can’t lend out the box as it’s too valuable. Ryan offers to buy the box. Bess and Nancy enter the cottage with Bess telling Nancy about meeting Lisbeth’s parents as they want to work things out. Bess worries she’s giving Lisbeth false hope for their relationship, and Nancy recommends saying I love you as it’s one truth. Nancy finds a painting with Captain Marvin and his second wife, in which she is wearing Odette’s necklace. It’s enough to prove that Odette’s belongings made it off the ship, and if it was important enough for her to be painted in it then it’ll be enough for the dybbuk box. They search for the necklace in the basement but find a bed with cuffs attached and chain marks. Someone was desperate to escape. The light goes out and the door slams shut, stopping them from leaving the basement. They eventually fall through the door and escape.

ACT THREE: Aristotle gives his tour until Nancy beckons him over. She asks what happened in the cellar, to which he reveals that Agnes went mad and was cared for in the basement until her death a few months later. His condescending attitude makes it difficult for Nancy to talk with him, so Bess intervenes to ask about the necklace. A hymnal was the only thing recovered, with Nancy confused as to why Reverend Hudson’s inscription is in the book. He explains that Reverend Hudson provided spiritual guidance to Agnes. The tourists want to know more about the murder, with Aristotle escorting them out. Nancy and Bess steal the hymnal, with Nancy thinking Agnes is haunting the cellar much to Bess’s chagrin. Jesse is having a difficult time communicating with the customers and storms into the back room. She doesn’t want to try which leads to an argument between them, as Jesse is still responsible at home just not at the diner. Nancy tells Nick and George about the imprint of Agnes, but George doesn’t think it’s important enough to use. She asks Nick about a pair of goggles that are infrared red goggles used to see ghosts. He reveals his joy of tinkering with things which she thinks explains a lot about him. He makes the adjustments for the goggles. On the drive back, Ryan asks about the use of the box with Ace refusing to tell him. Ryan is okay with that since he’s helping Nancy, but Carson snaps that he can’t buy a relationship with her. Carson answers Ace’s phone with Nancy unknowingly being on speaker as she updates him. Ace panics and hangs up, though the conflicting father’s flood Ace with questions. Nancy, Nick, and Bess go to the cottage again. Nancy goes to the cellar while Nick and Bess help from above. She puts on the goggles and sees Agnes’ spirit. Agnes scratches into the table frantically. Nancy tries to communicate with Agnes but the spirit is too tortured. She runs out of the cellar telling her friends that Agnes’s madness is too intense, but they can still figure out what Agnes was trying to say.

ACT FOUR: Ryan confronts Carson about not knowing he was Nancy’s father, with Carson repeating that Lucy asked them to protect Nancy from the Hudsons. He thought Ryan was part of the problem that he wasn’t safe. He apologizes for what he took from Ryan, with Ryan knowing that Nancy sounded off and might be troubled. Carson thinks she might be willing to talk to Ryan, suggesting that he be honest as that helps open her up. Ryan thanks him. Outside the Claw, Nancy writes the letters that Agnes scratched on the table. Ryan approaches and tells her about buying the dybbuk box. She thanks him but knows he wants to say something else. He admits to having felt he was robbed of being a father but still wants to try and be one if she’s okay with it. She admits to being mildly interested. He asks about the letters which he recognizes as music notes as he reads music. She realizes he’s right which thrills him, though he leaves so she can concentrate. He texts Carson that something is up with her. Nancy decrypts the notes and music sheet to reveal a hidden cipher in the hymnal, realizing that Agnes wasn’t crazy. Nancy goes to the church to check the confessional booth where she finds a secret compartment containing a package. Nancy unwraps it to find the necklace that both Odette and Agnes owned. Also inside is a letter in which Agnes reveals the truth about Odette’s murder as she found letters from Odette to another woman, a lover, with Agnes having told Reverand Hudson the truth. Hudson was in on the scheme with Marvin and convinced everyone she was mad. Agnes left clues to the truth so she could help future generations.

ACT FIVE: Lisbeth and her parents wait for Bess to arrive for dinner, as Bess stands outside the restaurant looking at the group. She can’t bring herself to go in so she tearfully leaves. Nick finds George who worries that Jesse’s last memory of her will be yelling. She finds the situation unfair. Nick hugs her before admitting he loves George, with what he fears losing the most is their relationship as he wants to beat the Aglaeca so they can have a shot. She isn’t ready to say it back which he finds good as he isn’t looking to hear it back. They kiss but she leaves to find Jesse, who is sitting outside the diner. She tells George what their sisters are doing, with George admitting that she isn’t mad. She tells Jesse how proud she is of her, and that she wasn’t mad earlier. She was trying to rush Jesse, which is George’s fault. Jesse finds this behavior weird. George tells her sister she loves her and isn’t alone in the world, something she wanted to hear at her age. Jesse worries that George is going to die because of the blood bucket, but George lies that she isn’t in any danger. Ace fills out an envelope for his father as Bess sits as she emotionally breaks down that she can’t lie or tell Lisbeth the truth so she walks away. Ace couldn’t do that to his father either, so he wrote a letter in case the dybbuk box fails. Nancy rushes in having found the necklace and love letters from Odette to an English woman. Agnes found them and kept them all to tell Odette’s story. She wasn’t crazy but brilliant, as she used the hymnal to write a message. They have everything they need to trap the Aglaeca.

ACT SIX: Nancy and the Drew Crew go to the shore with the dybbuk box. They fill it with Odette’s necklace and Owen’s portent sand. Nancy summons Odette once she and Ace carry the box to the shoreline. The box begins to tremble as the Aglaeca emerges from the ocean, drawn to the dybbuk box. As she reaches for the necklace she turns back into her human self but recoils at the last moment turning back to the Aglaeca. Nancy tells her about how she knows the truth and they’re going to set history right. Carson and Ryan run to the beach and witness Odette causing the dybbuk box to float in the air and shatter. A ring of seaweed wraps around Odette’s neck and pulls her back to the sea. Nancy realizes that the seaweed wrap hurt Odette, and if they can hurt her, they can kill her.

Cast and characters




  • Anja Savcic as Odette LaMar
  • Miranda Edwards as Gwen
  • Megan Peta Hill as Agnes Ghost
  • Kathleen Duborg as Reverend Carter
  • Ian Farthing as Reverend Hudson
  • Tim Zhang as Tourist
  • Jenaya Ross as Aglaeca
  • Lee Shan Gibson as Male Customer
  • Terry Lewis as Captain Douglas Marvin


Nancy (reading Agnes' cipher): "I confess to you my God, such delightful gifts as these safely hide thine angels watchful eye."
Agnes: "I can no longer remain silent. My husband murdered Odette LaMar on The Governance and conspired with others to cover up the crime. I reaped the benefit of the wealth he stole from her for years. But then I discovered letters Odette wrote to an English woman. It was clear that Odette would never marry Douglas. Nor any man. At night I heard my husband cry out, haunted by his evil deeds. I turned to Reverend Hudson for comfort. I thought I could trust him, but he was my husband's partner in this wretched scheme. Now they claim I am losing my mind. I am to be locked away today in silence forever. I've requested one final visit to the chapel. I've sworn I wish to confess my sins, but I wish to confess the truth. I shall leave this letter along with Odette's beloved possessions, so that part of her may rest free from the hands of her persecutors. And I shall do my best to ensure receipt of these treasures by someone of good faith who can interpret my message and who is willing to believe. So help me God."


  • One month has passed since the events of The Secret of the Old Morgue. Jesse recalls George's blood bucket and how Ted secretly saw George cleaning up the remnants of the bucket.




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