The Final Scene
House name Carolyn Keene
Publication information
Publisher Archway Paperbacks[1]
Producer Mega-Books[1]
Publication date August 1989[1]
Media type Paperback
Pages 154
ISBN 0-671-67490-0
Series The Nancy Drew Files
Preceded by Last Dance
Followed by The Suspect Next Door

The Final Scene is book 38 in the Nancy Drew Files. It was published in August 1989.

Back Cover Summery

When a handsome teen idol comes to Nancy's hometown, crime grabs the spotlight

Film star Brady Armstrong is in River Heights for the premiere of his newest move at the grand old Century Cinema. When Nancy's friend Bess desides to go backstage to see her heartthrob, she stumbles into a kidnapping meant for the movie actor.

But the kidnapper doesn't want ransom money. He demands that the planned demolition of the Century Cinema theater be halted...or Bess will be destroyed with it. Unable to prevent the wreckers from tearing down the building, Nancy races against time to discover where Bess is hidden...and unmask the mysterious figure who is dead set on stealing the show.

Video Game

The 5th Nancy Drew game, also called The Final Scene, is based off the book. However, in the video game, Maya Nguyen is kidnapped instead of Bess.

"Love Times Three" Preview

The book contained a preview for the first book in the River Heights series, "Love Times Three".

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