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The Legend of the Murder Hotel is the seventh episode of season 2 of The CW television series Nancy Drew, and the twenty-fifth episode of the series overall. It aired on March 10, 2021.


Official synopsis of The Legend of the Murder Hotel from The CW:

THE WITCHING HOUR - Nancy is approached by a group of young girls asking for help in finding a volleyball teammate they believe was kidnapped by a ghost. Meanwhile, Ace and Amanda share a moment.

Plot summary

COLD OPEN: At the Breaker Hotel, three girls haze a new Howell College volleyball recruit by making her stay in a haunted room in the Breaker Hotel. One girl eerily tells Jen that four people have died in the room which is why it’s nicknamed the Murder Room. They take Jen’s phone and leave. Evie tells Jen she thought she heard chains the night before but everything turned out fine. The trio stands in the hallway when they hear chains rattling from inside the room followed by Jen screaming. She bangs on the door but the girls refuse to let her out as it will disqualify her. When they do go inside, Jen has vanished.

ACT ONE: Nancy starts her first day as Carson’s PI, learning that they are handling a divorce case and he needs her to go through files to find any hidden finances from the husband. While going through the box, she finds a Columbia college course booklet. Carson asks if she’s interested in attending, but she isn’t sure she can even make it in with how poorly she handled her high school career. He just doesn’t want her to forget about Columbia. At The Claw, George is still haunted by Odette and tries to perform an exorcism ritual using a clay doll. Nick knocks on the door so she lies about cleaning as she removes all the magical artifacts. Bess gives Nick a coffee as they wait for George to come out of the locked room. Nick is still worried about George but Bess thinks he just needs to sleep so he leaves to run an errand. George emerges a few seconds later and brushes off Bess’s concern. At the Drew house, Nancy opens her front door to find three college girls who ask for her help, having tracked her down from Nancy lets the girls in and learns their recruit Jennifer Watts, was kidnapped. They can’t go to the police as they were hazing Jen at the time, which is illegal, and could lose their scholarships if the police found out. They explain that Jen was taken by a ghost that haunts the Breaker Hotel, Nancy recognizes the legend of room 413, and the girls think Nancy is the only person who could help them find Jen. Nancy agrees to help them.

ACT TWO: Nancy texts Ace to meet her at the Breaker Hotel, and he interrupts an argument between a customer and Amanda Bobbsey. She thanks him for the assist as Nancy walks up with the girls. Amanda recognizes Nancy so she thanks them for their help in finding her brother, Gil. The group goes to the Murder Room, which they have reserved until midnight, as the girls reserve the room for the weekend every year for initiation. Isabel did it on Friday and nothing happened. The legend claims that when the room takes a new victim blood weeps from the walls, but Nancy believes that’s just a story. One of the girls presses that the window only opens two inches now, since in the ‘70s people were so overcome by despair when they stayed in the room that they jumped out. Nancy tries to prove that the window can open more but it doesn’t, and blood appears on her hand followed by more blood pouring from the window. Meanwhile, Nick meets with Ryan to see if he found anything on the drive in the two-weeks since he’s had it. Ryan cross-referenced the drive with files and now he doesn’t think the Bonny Scot is the first or last time his father murdered for business. He wants to follow the money on the offshore account but the wealth manager won’t let him into the account history. Nick panics that the wealth manager could have told Everett that Ryan was poking around. Ryan tells Nick to trust him and drives off. At the Drew House, Nancy and the college girls try to find the spirit that took Nancy while researching the hotel. Ace learns that the hotel was a private mansion before its renovation and a bunch of people died building the mansion. The original servants’ bell system is on display in the hotel’s bar. Nancy leaves Ace with the girls while she investigates the hotel more. At The Claw, George is cleaning up when Nick intervenes to help her. She assures him once again that she’s fine but sees Odette in the mirror and drops a glass. Bess hurries over to see if she’s okay but they are interrupted by Nancy who needs their help at the Breaker Hotel. George tells Odette’s reflection that she’ll deal with her later.

ACT THREE: Ryan meets with Carson to undo his Grandfather’s will, but Carson makes him reengage his services by paying a dollar but all he has are fifty-dollar bills. Ryan explains that his Grandfather founded Hudson Enterprises and wanted to run it like a monarchy, and the corporate structure is laid out in the will. The company was left to Everett and Josiah, but Josiah drank himself to death so the company went completely to Everett. Carson finishes that the company would go to Ryan unless he triggers the forfeiture clause by making a move against Hudson Enterprises or its CEO, in which case Ryan would be cut-off entirely and the company goes to his heir. Ryan points out that is the part he wants to undo which confuses Carson, as Ryan’s Grandfather is dead so his will can’t be changed. Ryan explains that he decided not to stay on the sidelines and if he makes a move the company would go to Nancy, and if Everett learns who Nancy is he would destroy her or kill her before she could destroy the company. Carson warns him not to do anything that would trigger the clause but Ryan fears it’s too late, so Carson wants to ensure that Everett never finds out about Nancy. At the Breaker Hotel, Nancy wonders why the heat is weird in the room, which Bess thinks is because of ghosts but George points out that they live in Maine. Nancy thinks the draft could be from a secret door from a servant’s corridors. Bess finds the secret door which thrills her, and the trio enters the secret corridor. From behind them, the secret door closes. Nick arrives at the Drew House in response to Ace’s SOS text only to find the college girls have overrun the house. In the secret corridor, Nancy and the girls track the hallway until they find a piece of Jennifer’s shirt stuck in the doors of a dumbwaiter but the rope is cut. Nancy worries that Jen is trapped in the dumbwaiter so they head to the basement to check. Nancy finds Jen’s bracelet in some rubble, while Bess finds a cupboard full of jars of blood. A needle and syringe are in the cabinet, and Nancy fearfully realizes that this might not be ghost-related as someone could be using the hotel’s history to cover-up murder and kidnapping. They find VHS tapes labeled with names of victims and the word “torment” next to the names. A man stands at the stairs and shouts that they shouldn’t be down there.

ACT FOUR: Nancy recognizes the man as the hotel owner and when he returns the lights come on, and Bess feigns that they were just lost and they pretend to be thankful for his help. As they leave, Nancy notices security cameras. In the lobby, Nancy tells them that Mr. Holmes isn’t the killer as he would have locked them down there if he were. The labels on the jars of blood are from the butcher. She tells them that the blood is from Frank’s Butcher Shop on Main, the chains are for rattling behind the walls in the servants’ passage, and the scream tapes are sound effects. George realizes he’s a genius and Nancy doesn’t think anyone died there. She wants to access the security footage to find out what happened to Jennifer and beckons the girls over to Amanda who is having tech difficulties. Nancy asks for the tapes but Amanda can’t help as the footage is password protected. At the Drew House, Ace scolds Zoe for cooking pancakes in the oven and Nick loses a game to Evie just as his phone chimes with an alert that Ryan Hudson has been named Community Outreach Director of Hudson Enterprises. Ace receives a text from Nancy and leaves as the smoke alarm goes off from the oven. Nick begs Ace not to leave. At the hotel, Ace arrives to help Amanda with her tech problems. He becomes flustered behind the counter but runs a debugging program which the speed surprises her. He offers to type slower which she wouldn’t mind. At the Claw, Nancy gets an alert that Ace uploaded the footage to their private server which surprises Bess, but Nancy ignores her as she combs through the footage. They see the dumbwaiter fall and Jen climbs out, as another girl approaches Jen. When the girl turns to the security camera, she’s revealed to be George.

ACT FIVE. George explains she didn’t want to worry them but Odette LaMar has been time-sharing her body. When George died and came back to life with the shroud she wasn't alone. It feels different than with Tiffany, as she was almost dead within 24-hours but Odette has been with her for weeks. She tried exorcisms but nothing worked. Nancy realizes that it wasn’t George in the video but Odette, as she doesn’t remember anything when Odette takes over. Nancy is worried as the possession could kill her, and Bess wonders if the possession is different from an older ghost. They realize they have to talk to Odette to find Jen, but George doesn’t know how to make her appear. At the Drew house, the girls order pizza as Nick calls George which the girls don’t approve of so they make him tell them everything. The girls give conflicting advice, with one suggesting a follow-up text and the other thinking that space is best. At The Claw, Bess tries to lure out Odette with a photograph, French TV, pictures of her vineyard, 18th-century novels, but nothing is working. George thinks it’s time to go to the police but Bess thinks it’s a bad idea. Nancy rushes in with the last letter she had from Odette’s lover and threatens to burn it if she doesn’t come forward. The threat works as Odette snatches it out of Nancy’s hand and stomps out the fire. Odette claims she followed the sounds of the woman screaming, but Jen is with the hounds now and won’t be coming back. George returns and Bess believes that George killed Jen.

ACT SIX: Nancy calms Bess who still wonders what Odette wants or what she was doing at the hotel. Nancy asks George for her phone and uses it to track Odette’s whereabouts. They learn that “the hounds" is a reference to the Greyhound bus station. Nancy finds Jen sitting on a bench outside the station, telling her that the teammates asked for her help. Nancy thinks that when Jen was in the room alone she found the hidden compartment which hadn’t been closed all the way so she decided to run. Jen explains that when she fell to the basement an angry French woman let her use her cell phone. Nancy points out that the servant’s door was shut behind her so the teammates couldn’t follow, which made her wonder why. Jen wanted to vanish since college isn’t what she thought it would be, nor is she. She built her whole identity around getting into a good college, so when she saw the secret door she thought she could disappear without being the sad girl who dropped out of college. Nancy understands that feeling as she is the high school burnout after her mom got sick, so she stopped trying in school. Jen is impressed that Nancy solves mysteries despite everything she went through and thinks that Nancy is a badass. Nick finds Ryan and is infuriated that he got a job with Everett which Ryan knows, as he has all the power now. Ryan recalls how Everett taught him how to throw a punch to deal with a bully, but when Ryan didn’t block Everett’s punch and was hit he started crying. Everett called him disgusting and useless, so when Ryan went back to school the bully wasn’t there, as the family had been paid to transfer their son to another school. That’s why he took the job, so he can get close to deal a fatal blow so the only way to pull off his plan is with Nick’s help, though Nick will be in danger. Nick promises he’s all in due to his promise to Tiffany. At the Drew House, Jen is allowed into the team but she declines the spot as she doesn’t want to play anymore. The girls hug Jen and leave the house as Nancy watches. She fills out a school application but freezes on the last name prompt. At The Claw, George asks Bess not to tell Nick about her being possessed as he already wakes up screaming with nightmares of her dying in his arms. Bess agrees to wait while they figure out a way to get rid of Odette. George switches to Odette who warns the only way to get rid of her is to kill George. At the Breaker Hotel the next morning, Ace stops by to see if Amanda’s computer is running well and she asks if Nancy gets what she needs. She isn’t mad but just didn’t appreciate the flirting and lying, which Ace assures her the flirting wasn’t a lie. A man checks into the hotel citing the reason for his visit is to find his wife and places a phone on the counter with a picture of his wife, asking Ace if he knows her. When he looks at the photo he sees Bess.

Cast and characters




  • Anja Savcic as Odette Lamar
  • Chiara Guzzo as Jennifer Watts
  • Sage Linder as Evie
  • Karis Cameron as Isabel
  • Stephi Chin-Savo as Zoe
  • Oliver Rice as Mystery Man / Stephen Dowd
  • Derek Morrison as Mr. Holmes
  • Dan Quinn as Angry Guest


Nancy: "What college is gonna want to take me right now? I tanked my senior year grades. I got arrested for breaking into the morgue. And I didn't sign up to retake my senior year SATs because I was too busy summoning bones from an evil sea spirit that tried to kill me. Which was stupid, anyway."
Carson: "You... wait, what?"
Nancy: "Figuratively."
Ace: "So, what was the case? The case, what-"
Nancy: "Um, alleged ghost abduction."
Ace: "Ghost abduction. See, that would've been, like, my third guess."
George: "Odette has been with me for weeks. I've tried a bunch of different exorcisms, and nothing has worked."
Bess: "Wait, wait, wait. You did an exorcism without me?"
Odette (speaking through George): "The only way to get rid of me is to kill your friend."
Bess: "Is that actually true? Or are you just saying that cause you don't want to leave?"





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