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The Myth of the Ensnared Hunter is the sixth episode of season 3 of The CW television series Nancy Drew, and the forty-second episode of the series overall. It aired on Friday, November 12, 2021 on The CW.


Official synopsis of The Myth of the Ensnared Hunter from The CW:

HOW DEEP WILL YOU GO? - The Drew Crew goes on the hunt for an underground prison that may hold answers to the Frozen Hearts killings - all while following a lead on a relic that could cure George of the paranormal affliction that's shortening her lifespan. Ace tries to enlist Amanda Bobbsey in bringing her father to justice. Also starring Scott Wolf. [1]

Plot summary

COLD OPEN: The episode starts off with a sort of flashback to a child riding a bicycle (Richard Trott). He throws a newspaper onto the sidewalk that reads "Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer Pleads Guilty".

In the present Nancy is walking on that same route and leaves Hannah a voicemail letting her know that the real Frozen Hearts Killer is a supernatural entity that Richard Trott came across as a child in 1992. She tells Hannah a friend from the Ledgers slipped her a record from back then. She also says that she managed to put together Trott's path that he had taken when he discovered the entity. Her only problem is she can't figure out where the entity is. As she is walking she stops, and realizes that her map wasn't 100% accurate.

In the police station, Nancy leaves Hannah another voicemail. She says her map was only half right, which didn't surprise her, as the town has changed a lot. She says she really needs a map of the town from 1992, so she can figure out where Trott went back then. She tells Hannah she needs her help to make sure this thing doesn't kill again, and requests for her to please call back. She pulls out her map and compares it with a clear map, and then takes a picture of it with her phone, and realizes where the entity is hiding.

ACT ONE: Meanwhile, George is telling Bess that she doesn't make enough to cover supplies for the youth center and will not give her a raise.

Cast and characters




  • Mackenzie Gray as Father Jonathan Shane
  • Ecstasia Sanders as Officer Joyce
  • Benjamin Jacobson as Young Richard Trott



Nancy: "You want to come with me on a quest to track down a supernatural heart-freezing killing machine?"
Ryan: "See, when you say it like that, it sounds super cool."


  • The newspaper that young Trott delivers in the beginning of the episode has a date of Saturday, January 15th, 1992. However, January 15th was actually a Wednesday in 1992.





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