The Secret of the Old Morgue is the second episode of Season 1 of CW 2019 television series Nancy Drew. It first aired on Wednesday, October 16, 2019.[1]


Official episode synopsis:[2]

When Nancy learns that Tiffany Hudson’s corpse is being moved out of Horseshoe Bay for a private autopsy, she puts her investigation into Lucy Sable’s dress on hold to pull off one of her most risky missions yet. Meanwhile, Bess and Ace enlist the help of a stranger in an attempt to help Nancy. Lastly, the town gathers to participate in the annual bucket ritual done on the last night of the Summer Festival.

Plot summary

Act 1: Lucy Sable watches Nancy in the attic, but vanishes when she turns around. Nancy and her father talk about his relationship with Karen, and she doesn't ask about the bloody dress she found in the attic. George and Ryan are interrupt by a phone call that there's a planned autopsy for Tiffany, and George leaves. The next morning, Nancy returns to the police department to ask for the case file on Lucy Sable, and she overhears that Ryan has prevented the autopsy from going forward and is having Tiffany's body moved. She bickers with Chief McGinniss while ignoring Karen & gets escorted out by him. Nancy wonders about the other suspects, suspicious of Bess, Ace, George and Nick due to their secrets (see: Ryan) in Tiffany's death. Despite her reservations, she kisses Ned and agrees to meet him at the beach. Nancy brainstorms with the group about doing a toxicology test, Dead Lucy or Ryan Hudson's involvement. George defends him. She goes to break into the morgue but they use key cards now, and she thinks she sees Dead Lucy.

Act 2: Brainstorming with the group, Nancy plans to steal the coroner's key card and break in that night, so they come up with a plan. George resists, but eventually agrees to getting Ryan's phone on his run. Nancy visits the garage where Nick's working on her mom's car, and she asks for something to break into a locked car. He asks for details, worried, but she evades questions. George runs into Ryan when she goes to steal his phone, and he tells her he's moving Tiffany's body for discretion, so George decides to not take the phone. Nancy sees their exchange from a distance.

Act 3: Ryan approaches Carson to be his lawyer to give him "goodwill with the locals," but Carson turns him down because he hates Ryan and he made his wife a promise to never work for another Hudson. George lies to Nancy about the phone, but Nancy confronts her, and George turns it around about Nancy judging her like she did in high school. Nancy covers for George with the others and they come up with an alternative plan to get Nancy into the morgue. At the festival, Nick asks Nancy about her plans, but she keeps him out of it because of his record. Ryan arrives at the festival to establish good will with the town, annoying Carson, Karen, Nick, McGinnis and Nancy. George tries to talk to him about Nancy's plans after she overhears her calling him "psycho," but he dodges her. Nancy breaks into the coroner's car and gets his key card, and she has a vision of blood on the ground and Lucy in the car window. She tells Bess & Ace about it, who thinks it's a warning to not go through with the plan.

Act 4: Nancy breaks into the morgue while Bess and Ace block the road with Ace's car. The driver Lisbeth stops and helps with their flat, so Ace sabotages his car further to delay her. When they notice that she seems to like Bess's company, Bess delays her with conversation. Nancy gets a sample of Tiffany's blood, and she has a vision of another body in the morgue. A door opens to the tissue sample room and she finds the box for Lucy Sable with the few pieces of evidence insider. The alarm goes off but Nancy can't get out. George meets her at the door and Nancy passes her the evidence so George can get away with it. Nancy gets arrested.

Act 5: Bess and Ace talk about Bess's interests and he wonders if she's into girls, but she hasn't been interested in dating anyone, so he asks to just be her friend aka "planchor." George arrives with "dead people parts" and stashes them in the fridge. Karen questions Nancy & tries to give her a pep talk. Nancy ignores her, asking for a cup of coffee so she can check Karen's computer and finds the last phone number Tiffany texted. Carson & Nancy argue about her lack of trust & Karen. He indicates indirectly (for legal reasons) that Nick wouldn't have known that it was Tiffany who testified against him, trying to earn her trust. She questions him about Dead Lucy's dress, he explains it away as one of his mother's props. He's paid her bail by taking on Ryan Hudson as a client, so Nancy is free.

Act 6: Nancy picks up the evidence from George, and she apologizes for her part in high school. George admits that Ryan's hiding things, such as his relationship with her. Bess and Ace provide boxes so that Nancy can mail the evidence for testing. Nancy vows to help Dead Lucy along with Tiffany before visiting Nick, who's fixed up her mother's car. She's guarded, but he charms her by putting her locket in a pocket of the car & they kiss

At midnight, Carson sets the bloody dress on fire while everyone goes out to turn over their buckets of sea water for the event. Bess nearly texts Lisbeth to get dinner but changes her mind. Ace gets a text from "Weed Guy." Nancy teases Nick for pausing their hookup to kick the bucket. George kicks over her bucket, and it's turned to blood, indicating she'll die in the coming year. Nancy calls a mystery caller with Tiffany's phone. Nick returns & they kiss as Nick's phone vibrates, revealing he is Tiffany's mystery caller on the night she died.

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Bess: "The thing is that I don't really date anybody. Boys...girls..."
Ace: "Why not?"
Bess: "I don't know. I guess I've just been on my own for so long that I never let myself drop an anchor to get close to someone like that. "
Ace: "I can be your anchor. Your platonic anchor. I call that a platanchor. If you let me. "
Bess: "Are you asking to be my friend?"
Ace: "Yeah."
―  Bess after letting Ace down gently.


Nancy: " We're gonna work together to break into the morgue tonight. "
George: "Wait, who said we were gonna do anything?"
Nancy: "Well, as fellow suspects you should be highly incentivized to help me."


  • Carson tells Nancy that Tiffany would have testified behind a screen to prevent Nick from learning her identity. This would never happen as it violates the Sixth Amendment which gives defendants the right to confront their accusers
  • Carson tells Nancy that he used Ryan's retainer to post her bail. This is illegal and unethical. Lawyers are required to keep retainers in segregated accounts and are barred from using them for expenses not related to the client's case..


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