The Sign of the Uninvited Guest is the fourteenth episode of Season 1 of CW's television series Nancy Drew. It aired on February 26, 2020.


Nancy and the Drew Crew follow the latest Lucy Sable murder lead, while simultaneously working to uncover the attempted murder of someone in their community. When both investigations lead back to the same person, Nancy and Nick confront the suspect with their findings.

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Bess: You know you're not in that situation anymore.

George: Oh, I am so not getting back together with Ryan Hudson!

Bess: Ew! No! Nick. Oh, come on. He and Nancy aren't together anymore. You're allowed to feel whatever you feel for Nick. Maybe, stop fighting it.

Bess: We're all just as responsible for Tiffany's death as the poison.

Nick: Guys, don't do this to yourselves.

George: It's easy for you to say. You didn't help kill a woman.

Nick: What happened was a horrible accident. The real killer's out there. You should not feel guilty for what they did. That's not on us. What is on us is to find out who it was and hold them accountable.

Laura: I can see why Tiffany liked you so much.

Nick: Laura, I promised Tiffany I would keep you safe. And I'm sorry. I feel terrible. If I had known the Hudsons were gonna try and kill you.

Ace: I'm not going to the library.

Nancy: What? Why?

Ace: I have enemies there.

Josh: It was supposed to be Ryan.

Nancy: Ryan, that poison wasn't meant for Tiffany. It was meant for you


  • When Nancy and Ace were in the library a man walks by with a stack of Nancy Drew novels.
  • When Nancy and Ryan are outside The Claw, Nancy's hair goes back and forth between dry and wet.




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