The Slumber Party Secret
House name Carolyn Keene
Cover artist Joanie Schwarz
Publication information
Publisher Minstrel Books
Producer Mega-Books
Publication date September 1, 1994
Media type Paperback
Pages 80
ISBN 0671879456
Series Nancy Drew Notebooks
Followed by The Lost Locket

The Slumber Party Secret is the first book in the Nancy Drew Notebooks series. It was published on September 1st, 1994 by Minstrel Books.



Rebecca Ramirez's birthday is just two days away, and she's having a slumber party. She made the invitations herself, with randow ribbon hair clips and everything. But now the invitations are gone. Somebody took them. And the whole party is ruined!

Or is it? Nancy Drew has promised to help find the missing invitations. Nancy has never solved a mystery before, but she already has a clue or two. Maybe if she writes them down in her special blue notebook...maybe if she thinks real hard...maybe, just maybe, she can make sure that Rebecca's birthday is a party after all!