The Strange Message in the Parchment is the 54th book in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series. It was first published on October 1, 1976, by Grosset & Dunlap. In this book, Nancy tacks down a kidnapper and a group of extortionists.


A sheep farmer receives a mysterious telephone call shortly after he buys a series of pictures painted on parchment. “Decipher the message in the parchment and right a great wrong,” the voice says. Puzzled, the owner asks Nancy to help. With Junie, his daughter, Nancy tracks down a kidnapper and a group of extortionists. Is there a connection between the message in the parchment and a boy artist on another farm? And who is responsible for the atmosphere of fear in the neighborhood? After several harrowing experiences, Nancy begins to tighten the net around a ruthless villain and calls on the assistance of her friends Ned, Burt, Dave, Bess and George to bring his nefarious scheme to a dead end.


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Characters appearing in this book include:

  • Nancy Drew
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Type Publisher Released ISBN Length
Hardcover Grosset & Dunlap October 1, 1976 9780448095547 180 pages
Paperback HarperCollins Publisher September 15, 1988 978-0006928140 160 pages
eBook 9781101077559
Audiobook hrs min

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