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The Warning of the Frozen Heart is the first episode of season 3 of The CW television series Nancy Drew, and the thirty-seventh episode of the series overall. It aired on October 8, 2021.


Official synopsis of The Warning of the Frozen Heart from The CW:[1]

SEASON PREMIERE – On the evening of Horseshoe Bay's annual Harvest Carnival, a whole new mystery unfolds for Nancy (Kennedy McMann) when the body of a mysterious young man is discovered on the Hudson carnival grounds. The Drew Crew (Leah Lewis, Tunji Kasim, Alex Saxon) is drawn into the case by a host of confounding clues surrounding a new menace terrorizing the town – a killer who has an enigmatic connection to none other than Nancy's newest foil: Temperance Hudson (guest star Bo Martynowska). Also starring Scott Wolf, Maddison Jaizani and Riley Smith. Amanda Row directed the episode written by Noga Landau and Melinda Hsu Taylor (#301). Original airdate 10/8/2021.

Plot summary


Cast and characters




  • Geraldine Chu as Jesse Fan
  • Ariah Lee as Ted Fan
  • Zoriah Wong as Charlie Fan
  • Angela Moore as Darlene Fowler
  • Ecstasia Sanders as Officer Joyce Marquez
  • Anthony Timpano as Dustin Yates
  • Will Jackson as Flynn
  • Sam Scherzer as Ryder
  • Paige Shaw as Bess' date
  • Ana Mahmoodi as Forensics Tech
  • Jenaya Ross as Menacing Figure



Ace to George: "Silence doesn’t mean he’s not thinking about you."
Temperance: "I’m here because this is my home. This hall stands on land that I once owned. I have a right to return after seven generations"
Ryan: "Is that the same right that you exercised when you stole my daughter’s blood to restore your youth?"
Temperance: "To be fair, she was done with it."
Temperance: "One of you will be the other's demise. One of you will betray your true love. One of you will lose your heart. One of you will wreak havoc on this town. One of you will forsake what is dearest to you. And only one of you will fulfill your destiny. And that one will cause the rest to fall."
Nancy: "This town is where I belong. It’s my home and my heart. I’m not gonna run from it anymore. I’ll grow where I’ve been planted."






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