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The Wedding Day Mystery is the 136th book in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series. It was released in April 1997 by Simon & Schuster, through their Minstrel imprint. In the story, Nancy investigates sabotage at a quadruple wedding.


From the back cover:

When danger crashes the wedding, it's time for Nancy to get cracking!

Happily Ever After, Inc.: Making wedding beautiful and romantic is their business, and they're working overtime- four weddings in one weekend. The place: Heights House, an old mansion on the edge of town, and Nancy's helping out. But she's soon doing more than serving up hors d' oeurves, because someone's serving up a house full of shocking surprises!

A thief... a saboteur... even a ghost. Those are just a few of the uninvited guests turning the wedding weekend into a marriage of mystery, mischief, and danger. Could Heights House be haunted? Or are jealousy and greed running out of control? Nancy needs quick answers, or the four weddings could add up to one major disaster!


Bess has recently begun working at Happily Ever After, Inc., a wedding consulting service. Nancy and George have agreed to help the company when they book four weddings on one weekend at Heights House, a Victorian mansion on the outskirts of River Heights.

But then a series of mishaps follow. One of the brides is frightened when she sees a ghost – or rather, someone dressed as a ghost – in her closet. Nancy's car is also tampered with, which nearly kills her. The bride's wedding gifts are stolen, and the wedding dress of the bride of the next wedding is slashed to rags.

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In the end, the saboteur turns out to be Grace Sayer, the previous owner of the house. She had lost the house due to debts and intended to regain it by frightening all its inhabitants. But after she is caught during the third wedding, the problems do not end. A message is sent to the fourth bride warning her to stop the marriage before it is too late. Nancy discovers that Rafe, the security guard, is an ex-boyfriend of the fourth bride and is the one who sent the letter. Nancy and her friends prevent him from stopping the marriage.


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  • River Heights
  • Heights House

Businesses and Organizations

  • Happily Ever After, Inc.


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