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This page is for the 2022 TV character. For the TV series, see Tom Swift.

I know what my father thought of me. That I'm too "sensitive" to be CEO, but that's only because he thought in order to lead, you had to be boring... and basic and ordinary. Like you, Claire. But I know that having an imagination, a willingness to learn and the balls to try new things will take you much further than kissing the right asses will. So... I'm not giving up my company. I'm coming for the crown.
— Tom to Claire and Zenzi[source]

Thomas Alexander Winston "Tom" Swift is a character in The CW television series Nancy Drew, and he the main character of its spin-off series Tom Swift. He is portrayed by Tian Richards. Tom is a billionaire tech inventor.


Character description from the official synopsis:[1]

Black, gay, billionaire inventor who is thrust into a world of sci-fi conspiracy and unexplained phenomena after the shocking disappearance of his father. Tom takes to the road on a quest to unravel the truth, leaving behind the comforts of his usual moneyed lifestyle, all while fighting to stay one step ahead of an Illuminati-scale group hell-bent on stopping him. Tom's missions will require his genius and flair for innovation guided by love, romance, friendship and the mysteries of the universe yet-unsolved.


Tom is the only son of naval Commander Barton Swift, who became a business mogul and CEO, and socialite Lorraine Swift. Tom is also the adoptive brother and biological cousin of Lino. Barton strived to search space and the world around him, while raising Tom to follow in his footsteps. He demanded excellence from his son. This led Tom to hide his gayness from his father as a way to seek Barton's approval.

At the age of eight, Tom invented an AI companion and tough-love mentor that he named Barclay. His childhood friend Zenzi Fullerton helped him through the awkward teen years, including unfortunate relationships and haircuts. Over the years, Tom attempted to come out to his father multiple times. However, Barton would conveniently forget and continued to set Tom up for heterosexual romances. Tom attended MIT where he graduated with honors. He then became a billionaire tech mogul in his own right and invented hundreds of gadgets to aid him in his endeavors.

Plot summary

Adventure with Nancy Drew

NCD215C 0093r.jpg

Tom visits Horseshoe Bay, Maine to hire the famed girl detective Nancy Drew for $2,000 to help him locate a rare meteorite that crashed down in her town 90 years ago. Nancy asks why he wants the meteorite, but Tom is cagey. Bess realizes he is Tom Swift, the billionaire heir to the Swift invention empire. He and his family are genius inventors, with Tom as the younger face of the company. Nancy agrees to help after he tells them that a new comet is heading their way at a rapid pace. Nancy and Tom head to the historical society for information.

Barclay, Tom's AI, unwittingly reveals that Tom is gay and hiding it from his father when he reads aloud a text message he sent. Tom moves right along and Nancy follows his lead, showing him a book she found regarding a group of men touring the meteorite around the country for years in the 1930s. Nancy realizes they bought Icarus Hall, which must be where the meteorite is now. The two head to the hall after Tom changes into a new and equally fashion-forward outfit he deems fit for the adventure. Inside the abandoned building, Tom and Barclay immediately leaves Nancy to investigate alone, even after she tells him to stay with her. Barclay buzzes as Tom gets closer to where he believes the meteorite is located. A ghostly figuring where a robe appears. Tom tries to reach past it to get the meteorite, but it lunges at him. Tom screams and runs out of the hall as the monks chase them.

NCD215d 0014r.jpg

Outside, Tom frantically tries to come up with any scientific explanation to explain what they just saw, as Nancy calmly repeats that they were ghosts. He says he will science his way out of this. Tom eventually realizes that Nancy is right after he tries many attempts to get passed the ghosts and fails. They strike up a new deal - he will help her with her blackmailing billionaire problem if she helps him with the meteorite. She agrees and, this time, they call in the rest of the Drew Crew to help.

As they are looking up leads, Tom bonds with Nick which catches George's attention. She's sad that her boyfriend seems more open with Tom about certain experiences then with her. At Icarus Hall, Tom creates nanobots that will fool the ghosts into chasing after them, not the human Drew Crew. They follow Barclay to a hidden alcove where they find the meteorite. Unfortunately, Bess goes two-for-two on demonic possession and starts swinging a sword around. The rest of the crew runs and locks her inside, promising to return. Nancy tells Tom the Women in White likely caused Bess' possession. Tom is incredulous about the claim as Nancy pulls out her research.

Nancy picks up on Tom's anxiety, and she asks why he needs this meteorite so badly. He explains that it contains a rare element that could help him build a spaceship to help his father explore the cosmos. Tom loves and admires his father greatly, but he feels he has always been lesser in his father's eyes due to his sexuality. He says he plays along with his father's attempts to set him up with women and doesn't share anything about his love life to keep the peace. Nancy urges that he can still be his authentic self with his sexuality and be an inventor. He turns the conversation back to Nancy, saying she needs armor to deal with the Hudson's.

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They realize they need to break the hex to get the meteorite. Nancy, with the help of Tom and Barclay, manages to break the hex, therefore saving Bess as their combined science and supernatural knowledge worked. Tom takes the meteorite to his car and has a heart-to-heart with Nancy. He tells her that to survive the Hudson's, she needs to put Nancy Drew away and let Nancy Hudson take over. He put two-and-two together about her origins, but assures her that her secret is safe with him. Nancy tells him he needs to get rid of his armor if she is going to put hers on. He says he's tried to explain to his father before, and Nancy says he needs more than words. Tom jokes that he needs to find a gorgeous man to kiss and put it on the internet. This gives him the idea to kiss Nick and post in on social media, thus, coming out publicly in a way his father can't ignore. With George's blessing, Nick agrees to the photographed kiss. The picture goes viral and Tom is relived to be out of the closet.

Tom gives Nancy one last parting gift: a beautiful Balmain dress for the party, calling it her armor. Tom's father calls, having seen the post, and Tom tells him he found the meteorite. It goes well, and Tom drives away with Barclay, ready for his next adventure.[2]

Search For His Father

Swift s1 e01 promo Tom.jpg

A few years later, Tom's vision of sending his father to space has come to fruition, with Barton set to take off the next day. Tom flakes on his big announcement speech about the ship, leading to an argument between the men, in which Barton reveals his plans to make Claire Cormier interim CEO of Swift Enterprises during his year-long trip to Saturn. Tom, upset, rebuffs that he found the meteorite that will get Barton to space, but the man is unchanging in his choice. Tom doesn't want to be like Barton or Claire, so his father uninvites him to the launch. That night, Tom watches Barton take off into space on the rocket. Six months later, Tom broadcasts his first communication with Barton since his arrival on Saturn. The ship explodes and seemingly kills Barton, leaving the Swift family to mourn him.

Tom is riddled with guilt as he believes his last-minute changes to the ship caused it to explode. He asks his AI Barclay to run simulations on the ship to determine what caused its explosion. Barclay learns that something struck the ship and caused it to explode, exonerating Tom's guilt. He recruits his best friend Zenzi Fullerton, bodyguard Isaac Vega, and cousin/adoptive brother Lino Swift to help him steal a program that will help him access the satellite data. At the event, he is almost caught until Congressman Nathan Eskol's bodyguard Rowan saves Tom. The pair witnesses two security guards snap a man's neck for seemingly allowing a security breach to happen. They sneak out of the event and return to the Swift mansion, where Tom learns that Rowan knew Barton. As Tom hurries inside he rudely brushes off Zenzi so she rips him apart for missing an important meeting, calling him a spoiled, selfish brat. His dismissal puts the fate of the company and its employees in danger. Tom admits that he can't fix himself so he fixes everything else. His father was embarrassed to have a gay son and that's why Tom can never be the man Barton wanted him to be.

Back in a room, Barclay tells Tom that Barton's ship was shot by something sticky from a satellite and blew up six months later. Barclay couldn't find anything about the satellite, only a symbol of two interlocking red circles on its side. The symbol was on a ring. Tom asks his funeral hookup Justin for help, learning that the logo doesn't exist in any corporate register. The launchpad belongs to a private company whose founder is Congressman Eskol. Justin gives Tom files about Stone Corporation, Eskol's company, which is rumored to be a front for an Illuminati-scale group called The Road Back. Supposedly, The Road Back wants to prevent the technological advancement of humanity.

Tom's distractions make him miss the dedication to his father, earning him a disappointed speech by his mother, Lorraine. That night, Tom uncovers a video from Barton using the data he stole from the college. Barton reveals he survived the explosion by escaping into a pod. He's sending Tom everything he needs to find him, but it's imperative it remain only in Tom's hands. The capsule is headed through the atmosphere. Unfortunately, the capsule splits apart. Despite the the message being in fragments, the integrity of it should survive. He plans to find the capsule pieces to reassemble the pieces and find his father. He sets off with the help of Zenzi and Isaac, blissfully unaware that Nathan Eskol has compromised Barlay and spying on them the entire time.[3]

The trio tries to find the brain capsule, which is critical to understanding and finding the entire message. Tom learns the fragment crashed on the Darby Estate, a family that he despises, though Zenzi likes them. She convinces him to host a dinner to woo the Darbys over and convince them to let Tom excavate a "mineral" on their property. Tom asks Lorraine for help in planning the dinner, learning that she wants to talk to him about the Tubman social group after. The dinner goes poorly when Chris Darby mocks Tom over a fateful Summer that involved a speedo and a lifeguard. Tom snaps that it didn't happen and tears the Darbys apart, ruining his chances of getting their blessing and disappointing Lorraine in the process.

Zenzi's attempts to repair the fracture by organizing a meeting between Tom and Chris backfires when the men exchange insult. Chris brings up an incident between them in the mines, calling Tom a coward, before leaving. Tom has to explain what happened to Zenzi on that fateful trip. He and Chris go to the mines for a “man test” where Chris tells Tom to stay with his eyes closed for five minutes, promising to come back and they can play video games after. Tom waited for what felt like hours before running out, getting lost, covered in scratches, and a burned-off eyebrow for his entirety of eighth grade. After, Chris told him he did it because Tom was too gay. Tom isn't thrilled about apologizing or going back there.

TS102 Isaac-Tom-Zenzi Promo.jpg

Zenzi is hurt that Tom didn't tell her the truth, but they shift their focus to getting the fragment with Isaac's help. They break onto the Darby Estate and Tom lowers himself down to the mines through a tunnel entrance. He gets caught on a beam so Zenzi has to save him. The pair begin to argue over the Darby situation until he admits that he didn't want to be embarrassed in front of her. He also knows that his dad paid Zenzi's tuition but didn't say anything because he didn't want her to be embarrassed. They apologize to one another, promise to never speak to the Darbys again, and then retrieve the capsule.

They emerge to a captured Isaac and an annoyed Chris. Tom and Chris argue over Chris being a bully to the nice kid but now Tom isn't nice and Chris is still a dick. Chris lashes out over being compared to Tom his entire life - his family owns rocks while Tom's family owns rocket ships. Barton was proud of Tom and left him a legacy, which is something Chris doesn't have. Tom asks if Barton really said that, which Chris confirms is true. Tom relents that this is their parent's mess, not theirs. Tom apologizes for adding to the fight. He will make Darby Minerals an official Swift vendor so they can share a legacy. The men shake hands. Later, Tom learns that Rowan did compromise Barclay and decides to handle the situation himself.[4]

His plans to save Barclay take priority just in time for Swift Enterprises Annual Summit, which Tom is forced to co-host alongside Claire Cormier. He concocts a plan with Isaac, Zenzi, and Lino to help him balance everything on the agenda. At the event, Tom reunites with Justin Chase and happily accepts his offer to serve as a business encyclopedia so Tom can woo everyone in attendance. None more important that Susannah Robb, the billionaire heiress and a top investor in Swift Enterprises. Tom struggles to split his attention between Susannah, Claire, the penlight design he's completing for his mother, and saving Barclay from the encroaching spyware. During the AR presentation, Tom, now cloaked from the AR users, stands nine inches from Rowan to clone the phone. Despite his success, he can't bypass the security measures with Rowan's DNA. After shutting down Isaac's plan involving a tactical knife, Tom and Zenzi rush off to complete the penlight presentation that will make cheap champagne taste expensive. His design fails as someone altered his code.

Justin's suggestion gives Tom an idea to use orange zest to fix the PH balance using the penlight. It works so he tasks Zenzi with scanning the peels. Tom confronts Claire about her little sabotage though she's not caving into admitting her part in the plot. Barclay's firewall is at 5% so Tom has Claire take the presentation for closing ceremonies, despite the high stakes. He tells Rowan to meet him at the Swift manor observatory. The men argue in the observatory. The Road Back is more powerful than Tom knows and he'll get Rowan killed if he keeps pushing. Tom demands the truth and shoves Rowan twice to instigate a fight. Tom nearly goes over the balcony and promises to leave Rowan alone if he answers one question - can Tom trust him. Rowan says no so Tom falls backward, triggering Rowan to stop Tom from falling, thus, making Tom trust him. Rowan gives him a final warning - he's saved his life twice but will take it next. Tom thinks Rowan is on the wrong side. If the Road Back hates technology he will make it so they can't do anything without seeing the Swift Enterprises logo. Rowan scoffs as the Road Back wants to go back to a time when people like them were in charge. A gadget might win a battle but Tom needs to focus on winning the war or everyone he loves will end up dead. Tom kisses Rowan and when the man leaves, Tom removes the bioadaptive cream he placed on his lips to capture Rowan's DNA. He barely stops the spyware in time to save Barclay.

Unfortunately, Tom's attempts to juggle everything falls short of perfection as Susannah refuses to invest more money in Swift Enterprises. Her loyalty is with Tom and not Claire. Lorraine expresses her disappointment to Tom along with her distrust. She admits to thinking he's glad that Barton is gone. Tom isn't happy his father is gone and nearly tells her the truth before recalling Rowan's warning. He instead expresses the guilt he feels over modifying the ship that he watched explode. He breaks down in Lorraine's arms. That night, Tom celebrates saving Barclay but having a rendezvous with Justin in a private room.[5]

With renewed time to focus on Barton's capsule pieces, Tom, Zenzi, Isaac, and a stowaway Lino travel to Oklahoma where the next piece is located. Tom also learns that Lino quit the fencing team as he's "just over it". He wants to help save Uncle Barton instead. Zenzi returns to New York to work on finding out more on Eskol, and Tom makes Isaac go with her to keep her safe. In the meantime, Tom and Lino meet The Chocolate Cowboys, a group of former rodeo members who own the ranch where the piece crashed. The owner, Clayton, is smitten with the idea of Tom Swift being at his ranch and invites him to stay for lunch. They get to know one another until Tom remarks it's time to go. Lino believes he knows where the capsule piece is as he watched Clayton's reaction whenever a clearing was mentioned. The brothers find the piece but are caught by the Chocolate Cowboys, who believe the weeping trees sap has healing properties. The money they can make selling the "tears", which is actually sap rejuvenated from the vibrations of the capsule piece, will make their town a destination again. They force Tom and Lino off their property under threat of harm. Tom reprimands Lino for his impulsive nature and inability to listen, so he snaps back at Tom by calling him Uncle Barton.

TS104 Tom-Isaac Still.jpg

With the tree now heavily guarded by five cowboys, Tom makes a quick invention of a nap gun to knock out the guards. While he succeeds in stealing the piece, Lino is kidnapped by the cowboys and held hostage with a ransom demand of the piece for Lino's life. Tom calls Isaac and Zenzi back to the ranch where they abruptly burst into the family home to rescue Lino, who isn't in nearly as much danger as Tom thought. Lino tells Tom to listen to Clayton's story. He's been fighting land dispossession and developers for years. If he loses the piece he will lose his chance to build a legacy for his daughter and family. Tom goes through with the trade but yells at Lino more once they're outside, though Lino stands up for himself as it isn't his fault that Tom traded the piece. He reveals the piece he gave Clayton was a 3D printed double and not the real thing. Lino is angry that Tom would lie.

On their trip back to New York, Tom and Lino have a heart to heart, courtesy of Isaac's words of wisdom. Tom admits that Lino was invaluable to the mission. He should have let Lino be brilliant in his own way instead of being mad at him for not being like Tom. Lino quit the fencing team because his teammates call him a cheating freak, a phrase that isn't entirely wrong now that he has heightened abilities like his mom did. He's worried he'll be dangerous like her and be sent away. Tom will never let that happen. Lino can't be sure as he did turn his back on Calvin, who he envies for having a connection to their past. Tom decides to turn around and broker a better deal with Calvin and the Chocolate Cowboys. He'll fund a wellness spa and retreat where the sap will be sold in the gift shop. The sap will produce thanks to Tom's power packs that give off a vibration. Back on the plane, Barclay relays that the piece should operate normally once joined with the other pieces. Zenzi shares the list she found in Eskol's book. They realize the initials are names and numbers are coordinates. It starts to B.S., Barton Swift, and each initial correlates to the death of a brilliant inventor. The Road Back isn't targeting tech, but rather, the people behind it - and Barton was just the beginning.[6]


Tom: "Nancy, I appreciate you, but I went to MIT and you went to a thrift store to buy that hat, okay?"


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  • Like the character Nancy Drew, the character Tom Swift was created by Edward Stratemeyer and was also the lead in his own book series from Stratemeyer Syndicate. Unlike the Nancy Drew stories, which are mysteries, the Tom Swift stories are adventures about science, invention, and technology.
  • The Nancy Drew episode The Celestial Visitor served as a backdoor pilot for the Tom Swift spinoff series.


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