Daniel Weisnitz, otherwise known as Trapper Dan, was the owner of Icicle Creek Lodge in Alberta, Canada.


Dan started building the Lodge in 1894 and entertained celebrities such as Theodore Roosevelt, Marie Curie, and Lizzie Applegate. He also had a small shack up in the mountains, with tunnels connecting the two buildings, although the shack may have been undiscovered until the 21st Century.

Trapper Dan and Theodore Roosevelt
In 1905, a heavy pelt tax was enabled, so at Lizzie Applegate's suggestion, Trapper Dan created the passages and a tower that was called Trapper Dan's Needle, in which he secretly stored his furs. His beloved pig, Mary, was a clue to getting into the needle. Trapper Dan mysteriously disappeared in 1921.
Trapper Dan building Icicle Creek Lodge

Trapper Dan building the Lodge.

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